"It doesn't matter how beautiful your theory is, it doesn't matter how smart you are. If it doesn't agree with experiment, it's wrong." Richard P. Feynman

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Climategate Prosecution Possible

The UK Information Commission says it can't bring charges because the offences are over 6 months old but the law actually says within 6 months of " the Commission being advised " and these events fall within these limits. Who is twisting arms to prevent prosecution. Christopher Booker reports.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Extreme US winter signals climate change

The heights of idiocy - extreme winters are caused by Global Warming is claimed by the National Wildlife Federation and Reuters dutifully publishes it. After claiming that global warming would destroy the ski industry ,now it appears that the same warming is creating too much snow for skiers. They are showing complete contempt for the public's intelligence.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Pachauri - Dead Man Walking

Pachauri, the head of the IPCC is in deep trouble. The latest episode is the revelation that large sums were directed to Teri, his mysterious "research"organisation to investigate the Himalayan glacier claims which were known to be false. Meanwhile the attacks continue as the Daily Mail . Christopher Booker of the Telegraph and the TimesOnLine all weigh in.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

JoNova - It must be Carbon - We Can't Think of Anything Else

Joanne is a great communicator and  succinctly explains how scientifically unsound and illogical the AGW arguments are, even assuming that the temperature data used in the graphs is accurate, which is a leap in itself. Keep up the good work Joanne!

Climategate Inquiry May not be Whitewash after All!

James Delingpole of the Telegraph on the official Climategate inquiry:
The Commons Science and Technology Committee has launched an inquiry into “the unauthorised publication of data, emails and documents relating to the work of the Climatic Research Unit (CRU) at the University of East Anglia (UEA)” – ie Climategate. (hat tip R. Campbell; Platosays).         

On 1 December 2009 Phil Willis, Chairman of the Science and Technology Committee, wrote to Professor Edward Acton, Vice-Chancellor of UEA following the considerable press coverage of the data, emails and documents relating to the work of the Climatic Research Unit (CRU). The coverage alleged that data may have been manipulated or deleted in order to produce evidence on global warming. On 3 December the UEA announced an Independent Review into the allegations to be headed by Sir Muir Russell.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Climategate moves to the USA

American Thinker details the alarming manipulation of global temperature by the US agencies who show they have been cooking the books as well as the CRU gang.It seems that there is not an honest set of temperature figures to be found. Any science based on this data should be discarded.

Where is an Aussie Pollie with the Cojones to do this?

A pithy speech by Godfrey Bloom , UK MEP at the European Parliament. Most of our politicians are  too scared to come out of the closet and speak their minds.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Scott Brown - The Giant Killer

The election of Scott Brown to the US Senate to replace Edward Kennedy is a body blow to the Democrats,losing their absolute majority in the House.Scott Brown is questioning the fudged data of Climategate has said he will say no to the Democrat health bill. The loss of the seat has many Dems worried about the mid-term elections later this year and a controversial Cap and Trade Bill would not seem likely at this stage..

Scientists using selective temperature data, skeptics say.

Cherry-picking data can give a Global Temperature warming signal where none or little exists. Canada has 100 temperature stations in the Arctic Circle and the U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) uses data from only one - one of the the warmest. Temperature station selection throughout the world has been biased to show a warmer-than-actual record .

Muslim police say Islam not to blame for terror attacks

The UK is having problems with political correctness in fighting terror. The Muslims claim that the extreme right wing is a bigger danger. I wonder what planet they are living on -how many of the recent train and plane  terror incidents were not Muslim related. It is not ethnic persecution to look at the organisations that are preaching violence and producing terrrorists and whose distorted religion says it is a duty to kill non-believers.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Letter From a Frustrated Power Engineer

This insightful letter was writted to the Rockhampton Bulletin and is well worth reading. Having a background in power engineering also I understand completely his point of view. It is great to hear from a power generation insider the real story on power generation and global warming.
Written By Terence Cardwell

The Editor
The Morning Bulletin.
I have sat by for a number of years frustrated at the rubbish being put forth about carbon dioxide emissions, thermal coal fired power stations and renewable energy and the ridiculous Emissions Trading Scheme.

Monday, January 18, 2010

World in Perspective

We should never lose our sense of humour and 13thspitfire , the UK blog shows the way with an irreverent look at world affairs!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Ski Resorts in Trouble ? - Bollocks

You have to hand it to the UK rag - the Guardian . It is the paper of choice for the extreme Global Warmers and Environuts infesting Europe. In the midst of one of the most horrific European winters in memory another CouldMayMight warning is given ,this time about the future demise of ski resorts which couldmaymight disappear if some mythical warming couldmaymight appear in the future. Do these Ecofreaks ever look out the window and see what is actually happening?

Sunday Telegraph on Pachauri Part 1.

The Telegraph article by Robert Mendick uses much of the information gathered by Richard North and published on his site Eureferendum and more is on this site,
In September ten million pounds was handed by the UK's Douglas Alexander to TERI, Pachauri's secretive organisation which does not publish it's accounts.
Dr Pachauri, who lives in a mansion in Delhi on the most valuable stretch of residential real estate in India, declared at the time: "This partnership will assist in creating capacity within TERI to undertake efforts by which poverty can be addressed through resource efficient solutions."
A detailed investigation is long overdue.

IPCC Misleads World Over Glaciers

The IPCC issued a claim in the 2007 Report that the Himalaya glaciers could vanish by 2035 .
It turned out that the information came from a poorly-researched article in the New Scientist not from "scientists research". The New Scientist wants an explanation from the IPCC how the speculative article became part of the 2007 Report as fact. This is another very serious failure by the IPCC showing how ready they have been to use any data to support their agenda. Climategate is not an isolated case andmore and more will be found.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Plimer and Monckton Vs Barry Brook and Readfearn

This debate will be a ripper . I've seen Plimer in action and Monckton is a legend. I am frankly quite surprised that anyone would be game to step in the ring with them. I guess Andrew Bolt will be there also as he puts the boot into Barry Brook whenever he can. At the Brisbane Hilton on 29th January - Details here.

Friday, January 15, 2010

NASA'S Turn - Emails Released Under FOI

Judicial Watch has obtained NASA emails under FOI showing the reaction to Steve Mac's discovery of the 2000 step error in the temperature data. An interesting insider look at the other side when it was discovered that 4 of last centuries highest temperatures were in the 1930's. I guess there will be more to come - hopefully this is the first of many.

TV Special - Global Warming the Other Side

John Coleman's TV Special " Global Warming the Other Side" is in 5 parts investigates the manipulation of data at NASA . Climategate has arrived in the USA.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Pachauri - Money Laundering

The labrynthine money trails that Richard North has been following in Pachygate has lead to a Kiwi scientistAndy Reisenger who was the recipient of some of the money that had found it's way to TERI. Reisenger has declined to comment. North has promised a major release on Sunday of further investigations.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Republican John Lindner on Climate Challenges

It is nice to see at least one of the Committee overlooking the Waxman Markey Bill is a true sceptic and Lindner sums it up nicely in the American Thinker.
It is time to disband the U.N.'s self-serving and serially dishonest climate panel. Officially sponsored environmental extremism is a danger to our national security.

UK Elections- Voters Have Hobson's Choice

The three main political parties in the UK have signed on like lemmings to the warmist agenda giving voters no choice in the matter says Dominic Lawson. He quotes the impending closure of the Corus steel company for $375 million in carbon credits , the owner then also getting a similar amount to build a "clean" plant in India.
The three main British political parties — under the mistaken impression that CO2 is itself a pollutant — are asking us to vote for them on the promise that they are committed to subsidise the closure of what is left of our own industrial base.

The UK is in a bad way and there seems no way out

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Pachauri under pressure as Climategate hits TERI

Pachauri , after sustained overseas attacks by Richard North and the Telegraph with Booker and Delingpole is now copping flak home in India where the India Times is also interested in his affairs. How long will he survive and how much damage will his fall cause the alarmist movement? There is a lot of smoke but no real fire yet, however our favourite firebug Richard North is still poking the embers vigorously .

The True Cost of Climate Change Folly

The incredible cost of the UK's foray into green power is the subject of Christopher Booker's new article. Over 200 billion dollars is to go into off-shore wind farms which will produce very little power when it is needed most as has been the experience in the current deep freeze. The amount of money being wasted is simply mind-boggling. If the same money was put into nuclear power the UK would have roughly17 to 20 gigawatts of reliable base load power with a fraction of the running costs of wind power and it would be available in horrific winter conditions. The loonies are in charge of the asylum!

US Cooling not Warming

US has had a 12 year cooling trend extropolating to minus 11.03 degrees per century.

This is not a good time for Obama to push a punitive Carbon tax bill especially after Climategate. Those climate computer model printouts predicting Armageddon could be sent to Sheryl Crow who is short of toilet paper!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Wind Power Fails Miserably

The UK is covered in snow as shown in this amazing satellite photo and to prevent people from freezing the electricity generators are running flat out - that is , except for the wind generators running at at a tiny 3.5% capacity.
So when the greenies manage to change the UK's power over to wind and solar expect a huge life loss due to freezing temperatures because neither will supply power when it is most needed. It is time to stop this idiocy now .

Friday, January 8, 2010

The Church of Global Warming - The Movie

Coming to a theatre near you - a new hour long movie called Church of Global Warming, a very well done, high quality movie, presented in six parts . It is encouraging to see the skeptical point of view having their own video productions. Full credit to the new Climategate site.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Met Boss Tries To Defend 25% Pay Rise

John Hirsch interviews the Met chief and gives him a very uncomfortable time.
Very entertaining TV with some very pertinent questions.

Climategate Whistleblowers Sought

Emails have been sent to Michael Mann's co-workers advising of the reward money available to whistle-blowers where misuse of government funds is involved. A top fraud lawyer Joel Hesch is quoted as being part of the operation. This brings more pressure to bear on the Climategate group.

Met Office chief receives 25 pc pay rise

The Telegraph says the head of the Met in the UK with an abysmal record of predictions has been rewarded with a 25 per cent pay rise. If his pay was tied to the prediction accuracy he
would be eligible for social security. His "mild winter" has paralysed the country and looks like getting worse.

'Climate science' is an oxymoron.

Gerald Warner of theTelegraph :
The entire Northern Hemisphere is frozen. The world looks like a Christmas pudding with icing on the top. That is completely normal, part of the random climate fluctuations with which our ancestors were familiar. Yet fraudulent scientists have gained millions of pounds by taking selective samples of natural climate change, whipping up a Grande Peur and using it to advance the cause of world government, state control and fiscal despoliation of citizens.

He says that 2010 should be the year it all ends . Of course as it is cooling it is only weather and only warming is man-made!

Freezing Caused by Global Warming

Climate change is bringing freezing temperatures to poor villages where families have long existed on the margins of survival. Now some must choose whether to save the animals that give them a living, or their children.

This is the tripe being served up by the liberal rag The Guardian in the UK for the faithful. If you can believe it I have a perfectly good bridge for sale.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Peter Garrett's Second Hottest Claim Disputed

It seems that if we go to the centre of Australia and check the rural record of Alice Springs Warwick Hughes finds that absolutely no long term warming has occurred and though 2009 was hot it was not terribly unusual. This is typical of "unadjusted " rural temperature data around the world.

The Arrogance of Liberalism

A New York Times op-ed laments that the views of Americans are moving away
from those of the "educated classes". The writer cannot seem to comprehend that an educated
person would not subscribe to the Global Warming religion and only the great unwashed could possibly be sceptical.

Monday, January 4, 2010

UK Green Jobs - 90% Go Overseas

The UK industry body, the EEF, points out that over 90% of the €2bn earmarked for the world's biggest wind farm in UK waters – the London Array, off Kent – is being spent abroad . Green jobs are created temporarily but mainly overseas and at a huge cost. There is no mention of the cost of the standby power when there is little or no wind.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

New Year and a New Blog

I guess you would think the world doesn't need a new blog about climate, but it is going to get one anyway. I think everyone who can , needs to do their part to end the silliness. There are so many activists promoting the Warmist cause we need all the help we can get. People are now being subjected to political correctness from first grade as there are no conservative values being taught although conservatives make up half the population.It is no wonder people are misinformed as all the venerable institutions we have trusted in the past for reliable, if boring information are now compromised – our newspapers, national broadcasters , Weather forecasters and scientific organizations such as the CSIRO and finally now our schools. This blog will try to provide current and alternative information to that normally available from the Main Stream Media on a range of topics including Global Warming and so-called "green energy".