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Friday, February 12, 2010

ABC Welcomes Mann Whitewash But Students Embarrassed

Just when you thought the ABC was improving we have this pitiful piece of journalism. The writer Tim Leslie uncritically accepts the Mann Whitewash and then rushes to a warmist Professor for validation of his complete lack of research. Mann was interviewed by a few of his peers , he told them he was innocent and they said that's OK. It seems that the poor misunderstood scientists were just trying to explain data .Mind you with the amount of fudging going on a lot of explaining was necessary.

However some students from Mann's university take a different view describing it as an embarassment to the University and the students.
They comment further:Consider the following extract from the university's report:“•He [Mann] explained that he had never falsified any data, nor had he had ever manipulated data to serve a given predetermined outcome;“•He explained that he never used inappropriate influence in reviewing papers by other scientists who disagreed with the conclusions of his science; “•He explained that he never deleted emails at the behest of any other scientist, specifically including Dr. Phil Jones, and that he never withheld data with the intention of obstructing science; and “•He explained that he never engaged in activities or behaviors that were inconsistent with accepted academic practices.”

In short, Mann’s own claim of innocence is taken as proof of his innocence. Moreover, parts of the report are almost fawning in their description of Mann (e.g. “All were impressed by Dr. Mann’s composure and his forthright responses”). This type of language would be more appropriate in a letter of recommendation than in a serious investigation.
Maybe Mr Leslie should have looked into it a bit further past his prejudice!

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