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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Antarctica is Actually Cooling Say Researchers

Scientists led by Peter Doran of the University of Illinois have found by monitoring long term temperature readings that the continent Antarctica is actually cooling .Averaging the temperature readings from the more numerous stations on the Peninsula has led to the misleading conclusion that there is a net warming continent-wide. "Our approach shows that if you remove the Peninsula from the dataset, and look at the spatial trend. The majority of the continent is cooling," said Doran.
 The  Warmista have tried very hard to prove that Antarctica was warming including some very creative maths recentlly by Steig. For those of us who just like to make up our own minds here is a picture of a 115 foot transmission tower built by ITT in the mid sixties . Only 30 feet protrude in the late eighties and that is 85 feet of additional ice.
Correction to reader Anonymous , the picture posted was of a crane not pylons. It has been corrected now.


  1. Wow. Where to start? Talk about propaganda. The Doran et al, paper was written 8 years ago. There have been new data and new analysis since then - including the work of Steig. Doran himself was wrote an op-ed in the NY Times several years ago pointing out how global warming deniers have almost entirely misused the 2002 paper as evidence against global warming.

    Also, your picture clearly shows the remnants of a crane, not a transmission tower as you say. Regardless, you can't use snow accumulation to make any comment about temperature. In fact, warmer temperatures in the polar regions generally lead to more accumulation because there is overall more moisture in the air.

  2. Thx for the heads-up on the photo. The paper by Doran was written in 2002 but it doesn't make it less relevant. Also if Doran doesn't like skeptics using his data then he can do what is normal with inconvenient data in the Global Warming area - hide it. With regard to Steig his analysis has been fairly well discredited.
    I include Doran's Synopsis below as it is very specific.
    The average air temperature at the Earth's surface has increased by 0.06 °C per decade during the 20th century1, and by 0.19 °C per decade from 1979 to 19982. Climate models generally predict amplified warming in polar regions3, 4, as observed in Antarctica's peninsula region over the second half of the 20th century5, 6, 7, 8, 9. Although previous reports suggest slight recent continental warming9, 10, our spatial analysis of Antarctic meteorological data demonstrates a net cooling on the Antarctic continent between 1966 and 2000, particularly during summer and autumn. The McMurdo Dry Valleys have cooled by 0.7 °C per decade between 1986 and 2000, with similar pronounced seasonal trends. Summer cooling is particularly important to Antarctic terrestrial ecosystems that are poised at the interface of ice and water. Here we present data from the dry valleys representing evidence of rapid terrestrial ecosystem response to climate cooling in Antarctica, including decreased primary productivity of lakes (6–9% per year) and declining numbers of soil invertebrates (more than 10% per year). Continental Antarctic cooling, especially the seasonality of cooling, poses challenges to models of climate and ecosystem change.

  3. Can you show me who has "discredited" the work of Steig? Also look at the cork of Chapman and Walsh who similarly show that with new data there is warming, but not a lot. Regardless, a small cooling on the continent during the period Doran et al reported in no way discredits global warming theory. That's just irresponsible use of the literature as has been pointed out before. You're post is made to sound like breaking news, but it is pretty old stuff. As I said (and you did not address), accumulation and temperature are two different things so your topic doesn't match your photo, but thanks for changing the photo nonetheless.

  4. A reference for comments on Steig by two of the Blogosphere's mathematicians is http://wattsupwiththat.com/2009/02/28/steigs-antarctic-heartburn/
    It seems to me to be like the hockey stick where the MWP always existed , even in the first IPCC reports until it was realised that it really completely disproved the unprecedented warming lie. It had to go and with a few selected trees and some bodgie mathematics it is gone. Unfortunately farms that existed then are still under ice so my engineering trained mind says believe what you see. In the same way cooling of Antarctica was untenable and enter Steig ,of the Jones and Mann class of "scientists" who start with the result and bend the data to fit.

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