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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Australia's Net Censorship plan - Joseph Goebbels Would Be Proud

Australia is about to move to the small town of censor-ville. Their neighbours? Iran, China and Saudi Arabia.

The most alarming thing for me about their plans for centralised internet filtering is that the list of sites they censor is to remain a secret.

Luke Appleby looks at the proposed Australian Internet Censorship regime which is ostensibly to block child pornography ( which it won't do) and which will allow the Government to block any site it pleases without giving reasons. As most pornography is transmitted peer-to-peer or otherwise the filter will not be at all effective but will give the Government a weapon against dissidents. I understand that Wikileaks, a political site was on the banned. list for publishing the so-called black list. The thin end of the wedge?
Maybe Rudd should visit his socialist mates in China for few more pointers in keeping dissidents in line .
A bullet in the back of the head has been found to be very effective.

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