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Monday, February 15, 2010

Donald Trump - China, Japan and India are laughing at America's stupidity

Donald Trump sums it up..
Donald Trump has admitted that he is cynical about global warming.

The New York Post reports that the business tycoon has complained that laws to prevent climate change have a negative effect on American industry.
Speaking to members of his Trump National Golf Club, he said: "With the coldest winter ever recorded, with snow setting records up and down the coast, the Nobel committee should take the Nobel Prize back from Al Gore.
"Gore wants us to clean up our factories and plants in order to protect us from global warming, when China and other countries couldn't care less.
"It would make us totally noncompetitive in the manufacturing world and China, Japan and India are laughing at America's stupidity."
The crowd of 500 reportedly gave Trump a standing ovation for his comments.
The Global Warming farce is handing economic leadership of the world to China and India who are only playing lip service to placate the West. With China building a new coal-fired power station every month and the US unable to approve any new stations the future is obvious to any observer.

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