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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Garrett Lives - Ministerial Accountability is Dead

Rudd's election promise of high Ministerial accountability is in tatters after refusing to fire Peter Garrett for gross incompetence says Dennis Shanahan of the Australian. He writes that Garrett will live but Rudd's ministerial accountability is dead.
Of course no one should be surprised by the debacle caused by putting a Rock star in charge of a multi-billion dollar project. The Labor Government has so little business experience from Rudd downwards, that more disasters are inevitable.


  1. As long as Abbott and Co play their cards right, this fiasco could well turn out to be a major political liability for Rudd.

    The publicity has been enormous and it is something every voter can readily understand and relate to, especially swinging voters, when faced with deciding which way to go in the voting booth at election time.

  2. Rudd was in this right up to his eyebrows and that is why he cannot sack Garrett. Rudd received the same warning reports that were addressed to Garrett. A monumental error of judgement by an Australian Prime Minister that has caused death, all in an endeavor to keep his name in front of the people.
    Bring on the election - I need this individual off my front page!

    Tommo - Central Queensland

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