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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Meals Per Gallon - The Ugly Side of Green Policies

A new ActionAid report condemns the use of bio-fuels and says "they have been a major cause of the food and hunger crisis, which is set to get worse". The report states that in just five African countries 1.1 million hectares are used in bio-fuel production for the EU market. This is land which could be use in food production. By 2020 biofuel production will cause a 76% increase in food prices .The whole bio-fuels industry runs on mandates and subsidies - up to 4 billion Euros in Europe last year. Chop the subsidies and the monster will die a quick death .
A heartfelt plea from an African farmer: “They took the land when it was already tilled...

they haven’t paid us anything. We are dying of hunger and there is nothing that we have that is actually our own.”
Matilde Ngoene,   a farmer in Marrenguele village, Gaza province, Mozambique.
Her land has been taken by a biofuel company and she has not been compensated.
The Guardian also has a good sympathetic article on this report.


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