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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Muslim Elders Say Penalties Are Harsh.

Too bloody right the penalties are harsh and so they should be . Anyone of any creed who plots to commit terrorism acts in this country should know what is going to happen to them. As to the ridiculous claim that the penalties will "radicalise" more young Islamic men , would anyone think that a 10 or 15 year sentence would make a difference whether one becomes a nutter blowing up women and children. At what level of sentence could we expect these young men not to be radicalised - maybe a good behavior bond and a couple of days Community Service. I think not.


  1. This only serves to demonstrate the yawning chasm that exists between cultures. They cut of hands, stone women and behead so called traitors for relatively minor offences, then have the gore to tell us our penalties are harsh!

    Give me a break!

    Benowa Qld Australia

  2. In the 'good ol' days' perpetrators were hung for this type of crime. Today it is simply a jail sentence - fair enough but why let them back into society - ever? I mean they will not exactly be old men when they leave jail!
    And as for Keysar Trad getting a mention I thought that journalists had left this totally irrelevant cleric right out of the picture. His comments here, as usual, are totally inane.

    Agnes Water