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Thursday, February 18, 2010

NASA's Climate Kids- Disgusting Propaganda to Scare Our Children Witless

And we thought what Phil Jones had done was bad !!!
NASA's Climate Kids website is propaganda of the worst kind because it is not aimed at reasoning adults but at trusting children . The discredited polar bear picture would never again be used in an adult article but is OK to fool our kids.Sea level is supposed to have risen 57 mm in 17 years and could rise 20 feet.. No mention that it has been risin at 2mm /year since the ice age and seems to have stopped now and that satellite measurements actually show no trend. There is lots more garbage at a kiddie level .The Blogosphere should hold this site up to the ridicule it deserves and get it taken down.Please help.

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  1. I have just posted this comment on the offending site...

    This site is a disgrace, a sham and a fraud and should be taken down. It is unnecessarily and wrongfully instilling fear into the minds of our most vulnerable citizens, our children. We all know that photos and drawings of a lonely polar bear are nothing more than propaganda aimed at the emotions of those who truly care for the creatures of the wild. We also know that the whole anthropogenic global warming and climate change issue has now been discredited and revealed for what it is; a giant fraud and a blight on the scientific community. Those involved in perpetrating this fraud, together with the IPCC are now running for cover and even if you people insist on retaining your flawed beliefs, you should at least have the decency to take this site offline until the issues currently in dispute have been fully resolved.
    If you fail to do so, I and my colleagues intend to make this a major media issue starting with enlisting the aid Lord Monckton who as you know currently has the ear of the media. I'm sure that in the interests of protecting our children, Fox News and the major talk back programs will be more than willing to take this matter up.
    Yours truthfully,
    Trevor Bloor