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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Rare Geese Missing in Migration- Mother Nature Blog Gooses the Story Up

 An article in the Independent is about 2000 missing Light Bellied Brent Geese (out of a flock of 6000), which were apparently lost due to the fact that their normal feeding grounds in Denmark were frozen over. Mother Nature links to the Independent but adds their own bit of research linking to a scary " global warming causes freezing" article from their  Global Warming for the Intellectually Challenged Series.
The Independent:
In most years, around half of the birds head to the UK and spend the winter at Lindisfarne, with the rest wintering in Denmark and together the two sites hold over 99% of the world population of the geese. But during the big freeze the Danish wetlands froze over and the geese which arrived there were forced to abandon Denmark to find new feeding grounds.

Mother Nature:.
Most of the rare geese winter in Denmark but extreme winter weather (which could be the result of climate change) has caused the Danish wetlands to freeze over this year. This forced the geese to find new feeding grounds.
Another tragedy caused by Global Warming Freezing!

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