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Monday, February 22, 2010

Rudd the Dud's Non-Achievements A to Z

Paul Sheehan reviews Rudd's non-performance in an Alphabetical  Analysis
Rarely has a government promised so much, spent so much, said so much, and launched so many nationwide programs, and delivered so little value for money and expectation. Two years of Kevin Rudd has produced 20 years of debt, and most of it cannot be blamed on the global financial crisis.
Kevin Rudd or Krudd as he is non-affectionately known , is increasingly being seen as a waffler and non-achiever, an image that will cost him dearly at the polls.

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  1. Beautiful. Tony's script has been written for him. I hope he gets up and reads it in parliament word for word to get it recorded in Hansard for posterity.

    It highlights the seriousness of the situation and the fact that labor is hopeless at managing the economy. The current government is right up there with Rex Connor and Khemlani and if permitted by the voters of Australia to continue in office will definitely bring us undone. Senator Joyce is nearer the truth than most would believe when he says we are in dangerous waters when it comes to our ability to repay our debt. True, we not ever default, but the size of the millstone around our collective necks is already choking us and if permitted to become even larger, will soon see us producing noises uncomfortably close to death rattles.

    Benowa Queensland, Australia