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Monday, February 22, 2010

Tree-ring Anomaly Mystifies Scientists- Normal People Recognise BS When They See It

Warmist "Scientists" ( using the term very loosely)  have a problem with the  Medieval Warm Period which was warmer than today with  not a single SUV or coal-fired power station to blame for it. As a matter of fact the whole " unprecedented warming of the last 50 years" is a crock if the MWP existed. So Mann with his band of self-reviewing cohorts came up with a tree ring thermometer which did not show the MWP. Unfortunately although it did as planned and incorrectly showed a cool MWP , it also was incorrect when compared to modern temperature data so Mann chopped off the bad bit and substituted temperature readings to " hide the decline" .

Although tree-rings records appear to be a good measure of temperature changes most of the time, nobody knows why the usual techniques used with them fail from the 1960s.
Dr Andy Reisinger, a climate researcher at Victoria University who has followed the progress of proxy temperature reconstructions, said it could be that a lack of rain in recent decades had stunted tree growth in some high-altitude spots
So what this " scientist " is saying that the record is OK when getting rid of the MWP but lack of rain caused it to read lower in the last 50 years. This bloke is not the sharpest tool in the University if he thinks (1) the amount of rain can distort the recent readings and (2) the readings getting rid of the MWP are accurate ( must have had the right amount of rain - whatever that was.)
Any true scientist would immediately see that the tree rings could not be used as a proxy because they were completely inaccurate over the only period when temperatures can measured.  
H/T Bishop Hill

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