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Friday, February 12, 2010

True Greenies Recycle Sex Toys

Just the site for Greenies wondering what to do with that worn-out vibrator , deflated rubber doll and other various tools and attachments - recycling is the answer. Petroleum jelly is no-no and various fruit and vegetables are suggested to replace plastic and rubber items ,There is also a link to DIY sex toys for the frugally minded.To quote:
Our vision was inspired by an open trash bin full of discarded sex toys. Dildos, vibrators, and anal toys - an entire collection - had been thrown away with other rubbish. What a waste.

Their  vision was also intended to take the mickey out of all those intense greenie sites telling us in detail how to live our lives. Well done fellas!


  1. I'm sure this will make a truly magnificent contribution to the cause Baron. It reminds me of the story about the upper class British Mother's advice when asked by her about-to-be-wed daughter what to expect in the bedroom on her wedding night. Mum repied..."When commanded, just open your legs dear and pray for England!"
    Benowa Queensland Australia

  2. surely the home made sex toys would be the best option in the case of no vibraters...but i think vegetable would be the only best option in that case...

  3. yes, homemade sex toys are the 'greenest' option because no petrol is wasted getting the actual product to your home!

  4. All sounds good to me. No batteries at all is the best way forwards.

  5. Sex toys should definitely be recycled. Think of all that wasted plastic otherwise...

  6. Ceramic toys are similar to wood in that they are usually made of all natural products, are nonporous and phthalate free, and are beautiful works of art. Just like wood toys, the sealant is very important. A bio safe, non-toxic polish is a must. Ceramic toys are not exactly recyclable unless you can figure out how to repurpose the materials. A well-crafted ceramic toy with a good sealant will be easy to clean and disinfect. These toys don’t seem to come in as many varieties as glass, metal or wood and are made by only a few companies.@Betty.

  7. Got us thinking over here at www.bondagebunnies.co.uk

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