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Thursday, March 11, 2010

ABC Chairman Maurice Newman must Explain

Friends Of the ABC are enraged that Chairman Maurice Newman would ask staff to be even-handed in their treatment of Climate Change.
“ABC Chairman Maurice Newman's criticism of the media's coverage of global warming is extraordinary and inappropriate,” said Glenys Stradijot, a spokesperson for Friends of the ABC (Vic).

“Mr Newman is entitled to his personal views on controversial matters. But his expression of them while he remains head of the ABC damages public confidence in the national broadcaster’s independence.
"Just as worrying, Mr Newman's comments look to be an attempt to influence ABC programming to be more favourable to global warming scepticism.”

Should problems arise with the ABC’s reporting on any matter, it is the managing director who should raise them with staff. The MD is the editor-in-chief and responsible for the ABC's journalistic standards, not the chairman.
"Mr Newman needs to explain why he took the step of criticising the media's coverage of global warming and why he addressed that criticism to ABC staff.
"It is difficult not to consider Mr Newman’s comments in the light of him being a former director of the right-wing Centre for Independent Studies. Together, they most certainly highlight the importance of legislation presently before the Parliament for a new transparent and merit-based process for appointing the chair and members of the ABC Board," said Glenys Stradijot.
I think she means a new process for appointing a leftwing Chairman of the Board! 
Remember what Jon Faine said in defending the non-reporting of ClimateGate:
We make decisions every day [based] on our own opinions about what we think are the main stories. And what we leave out is often as important as what we put in, and that was my judgement of this issue..

That was my assessment of whether this was actually of any significance or not, and I decided that it wasn’t and we wouldn’t spend time on it. It suits the conspiracy theorists beautifully...
It was a small, even a tiny fragment of a sidebar of a secondary issue to the edge of the periphery of something people were talking about other than the main game. That’s how I saw it.
He misses the point that it was the major blog story for weeks and reported widely especially in the UK press.
The ABC is failing the Australian public badly with it's biased reporting and misinformation - we do not need left-wing journalists filtering our news for us.

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  1. This is a simple argument by those with a smart brain (right wing) and those with a lesser brain left - wing).
    Being from the right myself I think Maurice's interjection is most appropriate to add balance and objectivity to the debate!

    Tommo Central Queensland