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Friday, March 12, 2010

Bugger the sceptics – let’s start campaigning positively again!

 Crikey as most Warmist media do , arrogantly assumes that if the public understood the AGW propaganda they would of course support it. What they don't understand is that a lot of people do understand what they are hearing and think it is BS.
 For instance the writer says:
The roots of this problem lie in the historical attacks on environmentalism as a reaction against modernity.

While early romantic environmentalism was certainly a response to the industrial revolution, yearning for cleaner days, I don’t believe environmentalism has ever really been a negative concept. It is at its best a positive, uplifting (dare I say utopian?) movement that sees that a better world is possible. Even the Derrick Jensen / Earth First more extreme end of environmentalism presents a positive vision of what could be set against a dystopian vision of what is.
Mainstream politics has never understood this. I am sure that the attacks on environmentalism as anti-development, anti-technology, anti-wealth, anti-everything are rooted in a fundamental misunderstanding of what being ‘green’ means, aided and abetted by those who are so rooted in the status quo that they will do us all harm to maintain it.

Attacks on  environmentalism are a reaction against modernity ? As one of the  trogdolytes described in this article I thought I should check what I am reacting to - modernity. Modernity describes "the loss of certainty, and the realization that certainty can never be established, once and for all. It is a term that also can simply refer to reflection on the age, and, in particular, to movements within modern society that lead to the emergence of new modes of thought and consciousness.
All I can say is if they want to keep campaigning with tripe like this  put your money on the skeptics who will keep reacting against such pretentious twaddle.

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