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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Crikey - Balance Without Judgement

Bernard Keane of Crikey is outraged that the ABC is trying ,in the interest of balance to allow the views of Global Warming skeptics as well as the Warmist lobby. He complains that the writers are not - wait for it - climate scientists.

This is a further example of the ABC’s balance without judgement on the issue of climate science. Out of an editorial concern for balance, the ABC gives time not to experts who are in a position to offer credible scepticism about aspects of the anthropogenic global warming hypothesis, but to bloggers and right-wing commentators. The rollcall of Drum sceptics this week says it all: none of Alan Moran, Tom Switzer, Bob Carter and Jo Nova are climate scientists.
Of course, from a far left wing rag like Crikey, who have been pushing the AGW wheelbarrow unmercifully with their string of non-scientists this whining is a little bit rich.

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