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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Crikey's Keane Slags Senator Fielding Again - Another Leftist Cheap Shot

In an article lauding the CSIRO announcement that the Global Warming Scam was alive and well in Australia Bernard Keane, Crikey's Canberra reporter said that the report was simple enough for even Senator Fielding to understand .
Keane is a delightful fellow who has previously bagged Steve Fielding because of his dyslexia and occasionally stumbling over words and has criticised his inability to understand the "maths " of Climate Change. As a retired professional engineer I don't think any engineer who studied carefully the gobbledygook served up as "Climate Science" could understand it.
Steve has an Engineering Degree ( one of the toughest degrees in any University) and an MBA , achieved in spite of his dyslexia. I checked on Keane who was passing judgement and found this bio:
Bernard Keane

Bernard Keane tried being an historian before moving to Canberra and becoming a Commonwealth public servant in the 1990s. After stints in transport policy and as a speechwriter he moved into communications policy, where he obtained extensive experience in the dark arts of Australian media regulation. An occasional blogger, he began contributing to Crikey in mid-2007. He is now Crikey’s Canberra correspondant. (Spelling error not mine!)

Of course Keane's experience as a failed historian and a stint in the Public Service and then to the bowels of Crikey puts him in an eminent position to criticise Fielding's mathematical knowledge gained from four years of studying maths and science in an Engineering discipline and to insinuate at every opportunity that Fielding is a fool.
This is typical of the ad hominem attacks by the letfist media on anyone attacking the AGW scam but this is a bit lower than most.

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