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Monday, March 1, 2010

Garrett fiasco not going away- Resignation Required

The insulation disaster will not go away while Peter Garrett is still a minister says Barrie Cassidy . The public view of an incompetent minister still in a $250,000 a year job with all the perks is not likely to inspire voter confidence.

Only Garrett's resignation will give the Government the circuit breaker it needs. 

Garrett was not directly responsible for the four deaths and if that was the issue alone, then he could and should ride it out. In at least two cases, it seems a reasonable assumption even in the absence of a coroner's report, that those deaths would have happened no matter the circumstances of the Government's scheme.
But since then, other revelations have made his position far more dire, especially the matters surrounding the Minter Ellison report. It is extraordinary to think that such a critical report never made it to his desk.
He can't entirely blame his department for that. Neither can he blame his department for his handling of questions inside and outside the Parliament. His refusal to answer a simple question - when were you first informed of the existence of the Minter Ellison report - surely infuriated those tuning in.
It was evasive, unnecessarily defensive and politically inept.

Garrett will definely go , the only question is when Rudd has to apply the axe.

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