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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Green pressure groups get €66 million from the EU

It is not a good thing for Governments to fund their own organisations to get the answers they want as in funding for Global Warming research, but is much worse when the Government , in this case the EU funds private pressure groups. Support to the tune of more than 8 million euros has flowed to Green groups that then pressure the EU for more unsustainable green policies.These are the same organisations that complain bitterly about paltry support given to skeptic causes.

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  1. This whole sorry business has always been about the money...grant money for academics, money paid to politicians in return for political favours and money paid to businesses in return for political support, influence and power brokering.

    As Ian Plimer and others have been saying for years, if they really wanted to find out what was going on, all they had to do was just follow the money to the likes of Pauchiri and his cohorts.

    Unfortunately, those charged with the responsibility of doing something about it are an inherent part of the problem, so they can never be expected to be part of the solution.

    Only a new broom will be able to sweep up this mess.

    Teejay Gold Coast Queensland