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Friday, March 12, 2010

Home Insulation Fix To Cost 100 Million at Least!

SMH reports that the Government will spend up to $100 million in removing electrically dangerous foil insulation or installing electrical safety switches. I don't think at this time that they know the extent of the problem as the other types of insulation have been causing fire due to incorrect installation and over heating.

TAXPAYERS will pay up to $100 million to remove foil insulation or install electrical safety switches in 50,000 homes in a bid to fix the government's suspended insulation scheme.

The Assistant Climate Change Minister, Greg Combet, said yesterday removing insulation or installing the switches were now the only ways to ensure safety in homes fitted with foil insulation under the rebate scheme.
The government had promised safety checks for the 50,000 homes to test for ceilings live with electricity because of poor installation of foil insulation, at a cost of $19 million.
But Mr Combet said recent safety advice meant the government was left with no option but to remove the foil or install the switches.
To change the media focus on the disaster Kevin Rudd has told Australia that the Insulation Gang would now fix up the Health System by taking over financing of hospitals. Aussies worried about having their home burn down will now also be concerned about getting sick and having to seek dubious hospital care.
These blokes couldn't run a Friday night chook raffle let alone govern a nation!


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