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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Longer-Running Electric-Car Batteries

Every cloud has a silver lining and the AGW scam ,while wasting trillions of dollars is actually promoting development of some useful technologies - better storage batteries being one of them. A new silicon nano-tube technology lithium battery holds out the possibility of increasing capacity of existing technology by ten times.

In an advance that could help electric vehicles run longer between charges, researchers have shown that silicon nanotube electrodes can store 10 times more charge than the conventional graphite electrodes used in lithium-ion battery.
Researchers at Stanford University and Hanyang University in Ansan, Korea, are developing the nanotube electrodes in collaboration with LG Chem, a Korean company that makes lithium-ion batteries, including those used in the Chevy Volt. When such a battery is charged, lithium ions move from the cathode to the anode. The new battery electrodes, described online in the journal Nano Letters, are anodes and can store much more energy than conventional graphite electrodes because they absorb much more lithium when the battery is charged.
"In a hybrid car, the battery lasts only 30 minutes using the current technology," says Jaephil Cho, professor of energy engineering at the Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology in Korea, who led the research on nanotube anodes. If the new silicon anode can be matched to a cathode with comparable storage capacity, the resulting battery should be able to run a car for three to four hours without recharging, says Cho.

Now if some of the money being wasted on useless windmills and part-time solar systems were channelled into this kind of research it would make sense.


  1. I haven't quite worked this out Baron. We all drive home whisper quiet in our hybrid electric vehicles. Get a beer out of the fridge and turn on the house aircon. Then we go back into the garage and plug in the car for a battery recharge, all 100,000,000 cars at the same time (if we all convert to elect hybrid). What sort of load are we going to be putting on top of existing peak electricity demand and how would we cope with it?

    Tommo Central Queensland

  2. Please amend above to 10,000,000 cars!

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