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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Perth Water Supplies could halve by 2030 -Another Wong Prediction

Penny Wong is never one to miss the chance to preach catastrophe and with a large part of Eastern Australia under water defying earlier Wong predictions she has turned her eyes westward.
 Of course the weasel word " could" is included.
A worst-case scenario on Perth's water resources says supplies could dip by nearly 50 per cent in the next 20 years.A CSIRO report has projected a marked decrease in river flows and water yields in WA's South-West by 2030.It said under the best case scenario surface water yields would decrease by 4 per cent and in the worst case the reduction would be 49 per cent by 2030.The sustainable yields project report was of considerable concern, Climate Change Minister Penny Wong said.
Of course given the complete inaccuracy of model projections no one should lose too much sleep .

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  1. I seem to recall similar catastrophic predictions were being made about the water supply in South East Queensland a few years ago; hence the mad panic to build pipelines, desal plants and new dams.

    We are currently sitting at almost 90% storage capacity so what does that tell us about those dire predictions.

    They made similar predictions in NSW and Victoria both of which I understand are now well out of danger.

    Of course, South East Queensland does need additional capacity, but that is to cope with growth and has nothing whatsoever to do with the alarmist predictions they were making at the time that blamed the whole thing on the global warming sham.

    Linking water supplies via a pipeline grid is also a sensible strategy in an area that is experiencing the highest rate of growth in the nation and it one that should have been implemented irrespective of what the alarmists were saying, just because it just makes sense.
    Benowa Qld Australia