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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Rudd is Moving Deckchairs on the Titanic - Roll Out Troubles Roll On

The full impact of the insulation roll-out debacle will not be solved by creating another bureaucratic department of 700 staffers but it is not surprising Rudd would see that as a solution given his background.
On Tuesday, the new Department of Climate Change and Energy Efficiency will officially employ them, after Mr Rudd's decision to remove the home insulation responsibilities from Peter Garrett and his Environment portfolio.

The head of the new department Dr Parkinson had this to say: ''I'm Martin Parkinson, currently the secretary of the Department of Climate Change and as of Tuesday, unless the PM changes his mind between now and then, secretary of the Department of Climate Change and Energy Efficiency,'' he said.

Dr Parkinson said it was an irony that after restructuring workplace systems in his department just weeks ago, he was told last week that the department no longer existed

So we have a Department scrapped after being re-organised and a new department set up to handle a problem caused by poor organisation - Get it?
Rudd is in very deep do-do over insulation as safety reports are indicating that a large percentage of installations may be unsafe and will have to be rectified at a great cost which will be ongoing up to the election.. Rudd has tried to change the media cycle with a National Health proposal but the argument will be made that "Do you want your health system run like the Insulation roll-out." Tony Abbott must be salivating at the material Rudd is presenting for the Coalition election campaign.


  1. I have said all along that Dudd was more in charge of the insulation roll-out than Garrett was. Dudd was informed every step of the way and received all the warnings that went to Garrett's administration team. That, in my book makes Dudd twice as culpable as Garrett simply on the fact that Dudds public service career has been all about administration (failings??). I wonder if Dudd has been man enough to write a personal letter of condolence to the families of those that have been killed by his maladministration. Or those that have experienced fires in their homes. Would I be too sarcastic to think he may have simply asked the local member to knock on the door and hand out some money to solve the problem?
    Duddrudd needs to be off the political scene - the sooner the better.

    Tommo - Central Queensland

  2. Not exactly an auspicious start is it when the new head of the new department talks about his appointment with so much irony.

    Teejay - Gold Coast Queensland