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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Rudd A Sorry Figure - Basil Fawlty to Garrett's Manuel!

Niki Sava says Rudd's mea culpa act is reminiscent of Basil Fawlty abjectly apologising to his hotel guests . I guess if we continue the analogy Garrett would be the bungling Manuel with Julia Gillard as the disapproving Mrs Fawlty.

THE sight of Kevin Rudd belatedly doing the rounds of radio and television stations to say sorry first for the debacle that is the $2.5 billion insulation scheme, then for everything else that is going wrong, down to my bad hair day, reminded me of Sybil insisting Basil get out there and apologise to guests at Fawlty Towers for the latest atrocity.
If a rat rose out of the food platter, or one of the guests keeled over and had to be disposed of, Basil would run around grovelling, punching Manuel as he passed, saying sorry, sorry to everyone in sight, but in such a way everybody knew he was not in the slightest bit sorry for what had happened and was certainly in no way responsible for it.

After spending weeks avoiding it, praying and hoping another issue would override it or the media would tire of it, Rudd finally accepted the inevitable on the insulation debacle. That is, that the mess was too big to ignore, and there was only one person responsible for it. Him.
Then while he was at it, he decided to own up to all the other shortcomings, failures, mistakes and bungles since the election.
Unlike Basil, however, Rudd is no doubt now really, truly, deeply sorry and not just for the tragedy but for the way the maladministration has affected perceptions of him and his government. He began by being contrite and ended up virtually prostrate as he confessed to his many lapses, seemingly deriving pleasure from the self-flagellation. He didn't just get out the trowel to lay it on as thickly as he possibly could, he revved up one of those 200-tonne haul packs, like they use on mining sites that are about as big as 747s, to make sure the message got through.
Tony Abbott is getting great material for an election campaign and Rudd is writing it for him!

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  1. A fantastic analogy that is right on the button. Perhaps you could pass it onto to Tony. Somehow I think he might revel in the opportunity to paint this kind of picture during question time and on talk back radio. It's right up his alley!
    Benowa Qld Australia