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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Sunk by global warming? Wave goodbye to this disputed island (mudflat)

Another piece of arrant nonsense by the LA Times. Even in the body of the article there is no reference to global warming having caused the "loss" of the mud-flat island which apparently was created by a cyclone sometime in the seventies and has since been uncreated by erosion and tides.

Reporting from New Delhi - Global warming appears to have finally resolved a dispute that gunboats never could: An island located midway between India and Bangladesh that became a flashpoint for military threats in the 1980s is now submerged under the rising seas.
The "rising seas" reclaiming a temporary mudflat is global warming news? The LA Times is obviously hard up for positive AGW news at the moment but the headline will do the trick in promoting alarmism. For those who need more accurate information on the so-called  "rising seas" check the expert  Dr. Nils-Axel M├Ârner on what is really happening.
Update 1 - The BBC is on to this major breaking story as well with a library photograph of some Bangladeshi waifs looking mournful for effect.
Update 2  The story gets legs - WUWT has a lot more on the subject including real pictures of the flooded "island"

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