"It doesn't matter how beautiful your theory is, it doesn't matter how smart you are. If it doesn't agree with experiment, it's wrong." Richard P. Feynman

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

They Neither Sow Nor Reap- Carbon Parasites

From Al Gore to the big banks and all the players lining up to sell and trade permits to emit carbon , we now have a new kind of parasite on humanity . These freeloaders are taxing the very energy that man needs to survive with artificially created markets and schemes and are swarming like blowflies at a carcass.
A substantial part of the public has been convinced to go along with these snake-oil salsesmen to " save the planet" not realising that it will not make one scrap of difference to the earth while lining the charlatan's pockets. Every part of this massive fraud is financed by " other peoples money" - that includes every useless windmill, unusable solar generator, never-workable carbon capture fairy story and every business-class trip to a Five-star resort for a completely superfluous Gabfest by bloated bureaucrats and paid-for sychophantic scientists.The Washington Times has a good story on those seeking to profit from the  AGW scam which is worth reading. Of course we now have a problem where we have to deal with organised crime as well as carbon parasites as in Belgium where it is reported that up to 90% of the trade was fraudulent. The only way to tell the difference is that organised crime is not claiming to save the world,


  1. I feel there is more to this agenda than just scamming the taxpayer for these unreliable and expensive forms of energy production. I think the long-term plan of environmental groups is to shut down or halt baseload coal and nuclear and get as many wind turbines and solar farms backed up by natural gas installed as possible. Then these NGOs will turn against natural gas as well and attempt to make it difficult to access new finds. This will make it more expensive, and citizens would have no choice but to pay outrageous sums for their electricity, as their other baseload sources have been blocked. Industry would, if course, be forced to relocate and the West would be forced by decreased supply and high costs to cut consumption of energy. This has been their goal all along.

  2. Fortunately this is not happening in a vacuum and while China does not play the game ( and they never will)there is only so far the West can go down this path before the voters say - enough.The damage to the economies of the West will be severe in the meantime though!

  3. Of course, the fact that criminals are now dipping their collective fingers into this huge honeypot of funding comes as no great surprise. It has always been a con, albeit considered by many to be a respectable one, so now it can be labeled for what it really is...CRIMINAL!!
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