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Thursday, March 25, 2010

USD 40 billion of Czech solar subsidies in the pipeline - Up In Smoke!

Green promises of "free power" are going to bankrupt our children as contracts are signed to pay large amounts for very little unreliable power -wind or solar far into the future. Czech green power liabilities are USD 40 billion dollars from a country with a GNP of only 200 billion .
This horrific debt will not build one hospital,one school or one road - it is completely wasted. In Australia the State and  Federal Governments are queueing up to pauperise our grandchildren for green ideology trying to out-do each other in rank stupidity. New South Wales and the ACT have just introduced a scheme to pay small solar generators and wind generators up to 60cents/Kwhr for power which costs 5 cents/Kwhr from the power station which the power grid can't use anyway. The "green power" generated at such overwhelming cost will not power one home as it has to be completely duplicated by base load machines because at any instant there may be no solar power and it is dispatchable base load generation power operators use on the grid . Not one Kilowatt of solar power is dispatchable!
The real farce is that these solar panels are almost 100 % subsidised by the taxpayer who then buys the energy produced at the exhorbitant rates specified. The fact that  NSW is a financial basket case is not surprising given the financial ineptitude of some of these decisions.
In response to a query about " dispatchable power ' Wikipedia has a short description :
Dispatchable generation refers to sources of electricity that can be dispatched at the request of power grid operators; that is, it can be turned on or off upon demand. This should be contrasted with certain types of base load generation capacity, such as nuclear power, which may have limited capability to maneuver or adjust their power output, or intermittent power sources such as wind power which cannot be controlled by operators. The time periods in which dispatchable generation plant may be turned on or off may vary, and be considered in time frames of minutes or hours.

In real life power dispatchers have a daily load estimate which is forecast as accurately as possible and power generators are scheduled hours in advance to meet predicted load. This is called dispatchable power and must be planned for or the lights go out. As it is impossible to say at any future time that X Mw of solar or wind power will be available - it may be zero - the base load machines have to be planned and run as if the "green power" did not exist. In fact it would be far cheaper if it didn't. As well as being non-dispatchable sudden variations in green power can cause system instability.
This is why the statement that a a wind farm will "power 30,000 homes " is nonsense as it cannot be relied on to power any homes at all as was shown in the recent UK deep freeze.

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