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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Wild Colonial Boy a lesson for Tories - Cameron Take Note

With David Cameron doing everything he can to lose the unloseable election the Conservatives should be taking a leaf out of Aussie Coalition leader Tony Abbott's play book says the Australian

The lesson they surely need to learn is staring them in the face in Australia. This is the remarkable rise of Tony Abbott, on the apparently improbable platform of opposing man-made global warming theory and the policies this entails.

Indeed, that Abbott is snapping at Kevin Rudd's heels demonstrates a crucial lesson for conservatives everywhere.
This is the truly astounding fact that a conservative will most likely win power by remaining unambiguously true to conservative principles.
To Tory leader David Cameron and his inner circle of liberal modernisers, such a view would be proof of a pitiable absence of political sophistication. Their strategy of "hope and change" is based on their unshakeable belief that the Tories were denied power for the past 13 years because they were not progressive enough.

Accordingly, they rebranded themselves by taking left-wing, socially liberal positions and, in particular, a wholesale embrace of the environmental agenda.
Alas for the new green Tories, man-made global warming theory has gone spectacularly belly-up. More fundamentally still, Cameron has made a strategic error. He wants to tell the country it's "time for a change", but the change he has implanted in people's minds is that the Conservatives are more similar to Labour.
It is time for Cameron to grow a pair and fight for the Conservativism he purports to represent or suffer the fate of another "liberal" conservative Malcolm Turnbull who fell to Abbott.

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  1. We colonials taught them how to play cricket and now we can teach them a thing or two about politics.

    Nothing surprising there really. On both occasions we have had to opportunity to first sit back and watch them stuff everything up and learn how 'not to' do it prior to developing our own strategies and tactics, so we should be better than them.

    Let's hope we also learn how 'no to' do it when it comes to alternative energy. That is turning out to be one of the biggest and most expensive blunders ever committed in the name of saving the environment, yet they are still going that past path. How stupid can you get?
    Benowa Qld Australia