"It doesn't matter how beautiful your theory is, it doesn't matter how smart you are. If it doesn't agree with experiment, it's wrong." Richard P. Feynman

Friday, April 30, 2010

"Become the change you want to see in the world." Al Gore

Al Gore quotes Gandhi  in that we should become an example to the world in the way we live our lives  .Gandhi himself adopted a simple, ascetic way of life, dressing only in a loincloth of handwoven cloth and sandals. He was jailed several times and went on hunger strikes to focus attention on his cause.

Australia needs a solar Snowy Mountains scheme- Like a Hole in the Head!

The ABC dreamers are at it again - solar and wind power are the answer as they are free! Free if you don't count up the billions of dollars to build even a modest solar or wind installation ! Free if you don't count the cost of the duplication of conventional power stations needed to ensure the lights are on 24/7. Free if you don't count the opportunity cost of using the wasted billions elsewhere! I would like to take one of these dreamers to a real power station - to stand in awe at the incredible size and weight and speed of the monster turbines and to get an appreciation that that beautifully engineered  machine is not going to be replaced by sunbeams, sea breezes and pixie dust and that similar machines all over the world power our civilization.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Department of Hot Air costing $90 million - Do Nothing Jobs For $300k/Yr

TAXPAYERS will pay$90 million a year on the upkeep of a department on hold until 2013 or possibly forever if sanity prevails.
TAXPAYERS will fork out $90 million a year to keep more than 400 public servants employed within the federal Climate Change Department - despite most now having nothing to do until 2013.
More than 60 of them are classified as senior executive staff on salaries between $168,000 and $298,000 a year. Their salary bill alone will cost an estimated $12 million every year.
This is only the tip of the iceberg - what is going to happen when the whole Global Warming scam collapses and all those with their snouts in the Global Warming money trough will have to get real jobs- that is ,if anyone wants them!

Global Warming Created Posthumously

Global Warming is dead but the Alarmist morticians are working hard on the cadaver to dupe the public.

The Hockey Schtick has the story of  AGW being resurrected by retrospective adjustment of temperature data trying to breathe life into the corpse of Global Warming. Adjusting old data down and increasing newer data does the trick. The animated graph from Pat Michaels reminds me of the lifeless arm  waving in "Weekend at Bernies" creating the illusion of life .

Global Warming Causing Kidney Stones Says Mother Jones

Another item in the Global-Warming-Causes-Everything-Bad list is kidney stones according to Mother Jones.
The 1995 Chicago heat wave was one of the most brutal weather events the United States has ever experienced. On July 13, the thermostat hit 106 degrees. Many of the city's poor and elderly residents had no air conditioning; many of those who did lost power as blackouts swept the city. Soon, thousands were suffering from dehydration, kidney failure, and respiratory distress. The hospitals were overloaded; the city couldn't cope with the flood of 911 calls. Over the following days, more than 600 people died from heat-related illnesses, with hundreds of bodies temporarily stored in refrigerated meat trucks because the city morgues were full.

Rudd's ETS - A Damaging and Inglorious End

Dennis Shanahan of the Australian says Rudd's colleagues are holding him responsible for  continuing policy failures!
KEVIN Rudd's colleagues are holding him, not Tony Abbott, responsible for the government's failure on climate change and the damaging depiction of him as a gutless and cowardly leader devoid of conviction.

The Prime Minister's senior colleagues have him under scrutiny as Labor lurches from broken promises to botched programs and policy reversals. The latest tactical change to drop the emissions trading scheme as the answer to climate change is threatening to break out into a wider strategic blunder, undermining Rudd's credibility and Labor's ability to capitalise on its strengths.The real reason for abandoning the CPRS is the failure over three years, not three weeks or three months, of the Rudd government to convince people it is the answer to climate change, despite overwhelming goodwill and a real prospect of passing the scheme through the Senate.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Universal Declaration of the Rights of Mother Earth ( Give us The Money!)

The International Journal of Socialist Renewal reports on a Universal Declaration of the Rights of Mother Earth adopted by World People's Conference in Bolivia recently. Anyone who thought the last gasp of socialism went with the Berlin wall can think again. We hold that the capitalist system and the developed capitalist countries as the main cause of climate change generated climate debt.
Given the socialist nature of the event ,continual references to Mother Earth seem rather sexist to me - why not Father Earth or Gender-Neutral Earth or Comrade Earth to list some alternatives.

Rudd - Political Coward By His Own Admission

In December Mr Rudd said he chose action on climate change because "Australia's fundamental economic and environmental interests lie in action. The argument that we must not act until others do is an argument that has been used by political cowards since time immemorial,"
Political coward Rudd has now announced a delay of the ETS until 2013 to wait on other countries effectively killing the scheme .

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Carbon storage premise 'totally erroneous'

Carbon capture and storage is a nonsense and a new paper confirms what any   rational person would know intuitively . Of course the fact that Kevin Rudd has committed 2 billion dollars to this green fairy tale speaks for itself.
A RESEARCH paper from American academics is threatening to blow a hole in growing political support for carbon capture and storage as a weapon against global warming.

The paper from Houston University says that governments wanting to use carbon sequestration have overestimated its value and says it would take a reservoir the size of a small US state to hold the carbon dioxide produced by one power station.
The research has serious implications for Australia, which has invested heavily in developing the technology, though it has not stored carbon from a power plant

No Wind Farm in My Back Yard Say Kennedy Family- OK in Yours!

A political bunfight is under way over the proposed construction of an off-shore wind farm near the Kennedy clan compound in Hyannis Port Massachusetts which overlooks the proposed site of the 440 foot monsters.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Friedman - Green Tea Party

Thomas Friedman never tires of advising others how to reduce carbon emissions while living in a house the size of Buckingham Castle! His latest "original" idea is to try to steal the tea party concept for the green movement with his Green Tea Party proposal.
This is a complete knock-off from the Tea Party movement - a type of organisational plagiarism - even down to the throwing of kegs of evil imported oil into Boston harbour. He advocates a Patriot tax on imported oil to reduce the deficit.

Hypocritical - BBC Bosses Take 68,000 Internal Flights.

The Mail Online reports that after incessantly lecturing the proletariat on the evils of  the high carbon footprint of air travel BBC hierarchy took 68000 internal flights in the last 2 years-100 flights a day on the tax dollar!
Its viewers are frequently subjected to warnings about climate change. Yet the BBC has spent nearly £5million on tens of thousands of short-haul flights across Britain for its executives, staff and guests.

At a time when programmes regularly highlight the environmental impact of air travel, licence-fee payers have funded more than 68,000 internal trips over the past two years – an average of nearly 100 flights a day.
The BBC’s daily carbon footprint generated by the UK air trips is the equivalent of that produced by the average person in a year, say environmental experts.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Sustainability: The latest indoctrination!

Sustainability is an umbrella movement for "every left-wing cause under the sun" according to Katherine Kersten of the Star Tribune.
Sustainability isn't just about new, improved ideas for composting and green building design. For true believers, the word's beauty is its open-endedness. In many cases, folks with a burning desire to transform the world are using the concept to piggy-back on legitimate environmental concerns and open the door to every left-wing cause under the sun. One observer put it succinctly: Sustainability is "a bucket with no bottom."

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Kevin Rudd - Australia's Duke of Plaza Toro

 With disaster after disaster befalling the Rudd Government Laurie Oakes says that Rudd has chosen a cowardly way to lead using the word "gutless" to describe his actions in leaving his junior ministers to face the music- it brings to mind the Gilbert and Sullivan character , the craven Duke of Plaza Toro!

Five myths about Green Energy

Washington Post writes on the mythology of "green energy" highlighting the actual unpalatable facts.
The thing ,as an engineer and a business owner, I have never been able to fathom is the complete lack of oversight ,costing,cost benefit analysis and normal financial prudence which should apply to any project of the magnitude of the green energy systems being proposed and built. Having been involved in power system costing and design , power stations are estimated,quoted , built and amortised over their lifetime on revenue from a (now) competitive market. With green power we now have  the taxpayer putting in funds for construction and then the taxpayer paying 4 to 5 times extra for power which is mostly not there when required.
It makes absolutely no sense! Here is Robert Bryce's excellent article:

Arctic Canary in Fine Song!

Arctic ice when it was decreasing was described by many alarmist "scientists"as the Global Warming canary , but it seems that the canary is very healthy and getting healthier by theday!
In a contradiction to alarmist views a  Russian scientist Professort Oleg Pokrovsky has predicted a major build-up of ice over the next few years.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Most UK farmers say They are not feeling Climate Change

Reuter reports that the majority of farmers say they are not feeling the effects of climate change which is not surprising given the horror winter just past.

Bovine Excreta about Whale Poop!

Australian scientists say that whale poop which is iron rich could help to absorb CO2 in the oceans.
Whale droppings have emerged as a natural ocean fertilizer which could help combat global warming by allowing the Southern Ocean to absorb more carbon dioxide, Australian scientists have found.

New research from the Australian Antarctic Division suggests whales naturally fertilize surface waters with iron-rich whale excrement, allowing the whole eco-system to send more carbon down into deep waters.
"The plants love it and it actually becomes a way of taking carbon out of the atmosphere," Antarctic scientist Steve Nicol told Reuters, adding the droppings appear as a plume of solids and liquids.Casual swimmers should avoid these plumes of solids and liquids- I know I will!

Africans Need Power and Food- We Give Them LED Lights and Trees!

The Energy Collective has a brilliant (not) article on marvellous things we are doing for the Africans - enough to give Greenies a warm fuzzy feeling and an Obama-style genuine knee tremble at the vision of all those Africans singing in harmony and planting trees and then going home to sit around their little solar LED lights , giving thanks to the great Green Bwana who is the source of all this largesse. Who needs real power stations which will create real jobs and who needs to plant food crops when when we can follow the Green dream with other people's money!

Glorious Leader Obama Mentioned 47 Times in 2010 Climate Report.

Eat your heart out Kim! Kim Jong-il must be looking on in awe at the progress of the Obama cult in the USA with the 2010 Climate Report chock-full of Obama references says the Washington Times editorial!
At times, the report reads like a White House press release, gushing, for example: "President Obama has outlined a comprehensive plan to address global climate change through investments that will save or create many jobs." The document uses the word "Obama" 47 times, triple the references to President George W. Bush in the previous edition. This tends to detract from the focus on science but is consistent with the virtually North Korean level of fawning in Obama-era official documents. Talk about a lot of hot air.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Rudd the Dudd's Billion Dollar Disaster

A scathing report by Alan Hawke into the Rudd Government home insulation fiasco has led to the   scrapping of the scheme.
It found a ``simply alarming'' possible extent of potential fraud and that ``clearly there would seem to have been some unsafe work practices by employers operating under the HIP''.

The $2.45 billion scheme was suspended two months ago after being riddled with compliance concerns, fraud and linked to the deaths of four young workers.

Climate Science In Denial

I guess it is not surprising that a scientist of the international stature of Richard Lindzen  , Professor of Meteorology at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, should be able to sum up the status quo in the Global Warming debate so succinctly in this article from the Wall Street Journal.  Sometimes it becomes discouraging being  a sceptic subjected to a continual barrage in the press of  Global Warming propaganda, including articles so silly you have to wonder that any editor would print them. Lindzen shines the clear light of reason into the mess , condemning the failure of the scientific bodies to do real science , rather than say to politicians we will provide "science" to back you up!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Global warming blamed for European air traffic collapse - Surprise,Surprise!

Here we go again! From the Global-Warming-causes-everything-Department the Financial reports on claims in the  New Scientist that Global Warming has caused altered weather patterns holding ash clouds over Europe, worsening the crisis.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Meatless Monday Instead of Good Friday For New Religion

Every religion has it's holy days and now the new Green Religion has Earth Day and Huffington Post is recommending it go meatless - move over Good Friday! I also have it on good report that when the believers went looking for Al Gore with hammer and nails ,he begged off saying he had some carbon credits to sell the moneychangers in the temple!

Some parts of oceans getting saltier!

The huge list of things caused by global warming has a new entry - saltier oceans! Of course the misleading headline does not say that other parts of the ocean are getting fresher or that these shattering conclusions have been made using Argo oceanic sensor data over a period when the oceans have been cooling!
Salinity variations across the oceans are not new but like everything from acne to nocturnal emissions they  are now attributed to global warming!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Screw Bulbs! What To Do After Breakage!

The great minds of the Green movement have convinced governments to legislate for scrapping incandescent bulbs for efficient screw fluorescent bulbs. Unfortunately these green inspired bulbs contain mercury - a potent poison almost phased out until resurrected by the green ideologues. So for the benefit of those who aren't aware of what great devices these bulbs are, and why every home should have them, here are the instructions for cleaning up a breakage. I especially like Item 6 :Keep infants, children and women of childbearing age away from the carpeting for several weeks.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Chocolate to Go in The New Village Economy

Waste not,want less is the  title of an SMH article explaining how bad chocolate is because of it's secret ingredient of ,yes,  wait for it , carbon dioxide.

Climate Heat Calculations - 50% Error!

They seek it  here 
They seek it there
The scientists seek it everywhere
Is it in heaven
Is it in hell
That damned elusive heat our models tell!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Lake Michigan - Green Plans to Deface It's Natural Beauty

Lake Michigan is the latest natural beauty spot targeted for the construction of ugly wind turbines as a monument to Green stupidity. The fact that it is even being considered shows the schizophrenic nature of the green mentality - forty 44 story high ideologically pure monstrosities in a natural wonderland.

Wind Farm Would Power Every Home With Electricity To Spare  is trumpeted by the proponent of the scheme.
"It's essentially zero carbon power and we have it right here, right close to where we need it," said green architect Nathan Kipnis.

Kipnis is on the city's Renewable Energy Task Force. He has traveled out to the proposed site and measured class five wind speeds, strong enough to power 40,000 homes each year.

Surface Temperature Paper Devastates Foundations of AGW

Joseph D’Aleo and Anthony Watts have delivered a block-buster paper which in it's entirety attacks the very foundation of the Global Warming scare - the temperature data on which the edifice rests is inaccurate, flawed and tampered with to such an extent that no reasonable scientist would use it.

Sceptics Interviewed By Terrorist Squad !

The Guardian reports that:The use of a specialist extremist intelligence unit in investigating the hacked UEA emails is part of a disturbing trend in policing'.News broken in the Financial Times that the National Domestic Extremism Team has been called in to help investigate the alleged theft of emails behind the recent "climategate" scandal is disturbing. The police unit was set up to counter domestic terrorism and extremist organisations, not investigate what may or may not have been a theft at the University of East Anglia.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

McCarthyism and Climate Change

The Huffington Post provides a platform for Clive Hamilton, econut and wannabe politician from Australia
to bewail the fact that there are still skeptics out there and they are persecuting the true believers.
Is it strange that Sarah Palin, who once thought Africa was a country, now quotes verbatim from emails stolen from Britain's Climatic Research Unit or that Lord Monckton, a leading English climate denier, addresses a Tea Party rally in America?

Now You See It - Now You Don't!

Teenage sceptic Kristen Byrnes on her website Ponder the Maunder
has a story on Hansen's disappearing graph which poses difficult questions about Urban Heat Island Effect. The simple answer to the problem was to delete the graph!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Oxburgh Inquiry - No Scientific Malpractice- I See Nothing!!!

Oxburgh and Sergeant Schultz of Hogan's Heroes have a lot in common including selective myopia when examining evidence contrary to the Global Warming doctrine.

UK Windmills Sinking into the Sea - Hooray!

The TimesOnLine reports that :
Hundreds of offshore wind turbines could be suffering from a design flaw that makes them sink into the sea
When I first read this I thought the atheists were definitely wrong and there has to be a God if these ugly useless monstrosities were going to Davey Jones Locker.Alas, apparently with the aid of a meagre 50 million pounds they will be saved - for now , that is. I don't know why they bother - the things are useless anyway  and this will be the first of many problems caused by the extreme conditions.

Oprah , One of the World's Greatest Consumers Voted Greenest Celebrity

The sycopantic attitude of the Greens to the super-consuming movie elite who tell us ordinary mortals how to live our lives is really nauseating.
A Greendaily Poll has Oprah, along with Leonardo di Capprio as the world's most eco-friendly stars.
OPrah has the carbon footprint and consumption of a small city as the details of her 50th birthday bash from Tracy Mclellan reveal.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

NASA Creates it's Own Climate Change by Altering Data

The Hockey Schtick has shown in the clearest fashion, using NASA's own graphs, how to create out-of-control warming from practically nothing. NASA in true environmentalist fashion has recycled old graphs into shiny new ones to agree with the new philosophy of AGW.
The same crew recycled the old charts showing the Medieval Warm Period to brand new ones with an odd hockey stick shape and no MWP.The Orwellian change in the graphs is breathtaking and shows that the GISS data is just as corrupt as Hadcrut! Hansen's efforts at fudging data make Phil Jones look like a rank amateur!

Rudd Finesses Copenhagen Pledge - Windmills and Tree Planting instead of Food!

 Rudd is looking to play sleight of hand with aid money to meet Climate Change commitments!
THE Rudd government is expected to avoid spending $600 million in next month's budget to meet its Copenhagen climate commitments by instead rebranding aid dollars it has already pledged to help developing countries tackle global warming.

They Missed the Windmills in Brown's Elysian Fields

The Labour Party seemed to have found a part of the country side not covered with ugly windmills for the cover of their election manifesto but   a fairy-tale picture cannot hide the ugly truth of a country deep in debt and horribly mismanaged by an incompetent government. The long-suffering taxpayer has Hobson's choice of two Kool-ade drinkers in Cameron and Brown making one think that not only has the sun set on the British Empire . it will soon set on Britain itself!

Flannery warns of climate change apathy

Tim Flannery, Australia's chief doomsayer and failed prophet is at it again. In common with others of the Green persuasion Flannery thinks that those who disagree with him are stupid or not using their brain.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Climate 'debate' is just nitpicking by Struthonians

Kellie Trantor of SMH says that the most fundamental problem with the "climate change debate" is that a small disparate group of "loud and proud" people are manufacturing popular doubt. Lawmakers, gullible through the scientific ignorance they share with some within the community, are then cajoled into not taking action even though there is scientific certainty about the fundamental premises

Friday, April 9, 2010

Car Indulgences for Sale in Queensland - SUV Sinners Saved!

I have just received an  email from the Queensland Climate Smart crew saying that for a meagre $60.00 my vehicle emission sins would be forgiven and I could sleep with a clear conscience. As the email was a no-reply I could not email back that I was quite happy with my emissions and did see any need to "clean" CO2 from the air. They neither sow nor do they reap but the Government is full of redundant highly paid people to send out garbage like this on the long-suffering tax-payers dime.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

When condoms meet couture…The Ultimate in Recycling

Greendiary has the latest in re-cycled fashion - dresses made from condoms ! I guess this would fit in very well with green policies of population reduction- no more ducking in to the slot machine in the toilet for a quick purchase.

Please Take Our CO2 say the Germans!

The New York Times has the story of a Swedish-built coal-fired plant in Germany which is capturing 90% of CO2 emissions, running into problems disposing of them. It seems that the local residents (along with anyone with half a brain) thinks that the CO2 would leak from where it was deposited and do not approve of the proposals.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Market Inspired Environmentalism in the UK (Paid for By the Taxpayer)

THe Huffington Post's idea of Market-Inspired- Environmentalism  could very easily be translated as Taxpayer-Ladling-Out-Money-On-Useless-Projects-Environmentalism.. When the Government is throwing money at companies of course they will all line up at the trough but this is not market-inspired - none of these ideas would stand a chance in an open market.

Plants flower five days earlier for every degree of global warming

Louise Gray never gives up and this article about plants flowering five days earlier for every degree warmer
is such shattering news that the UN should be recalled immediately and a meeting of the heads of Government called to emergency session . Of course, when this year and probably next they are weeks later we won't worry about it. Louise missed in her exhaustive research that bluebells are three weeks late this year and according to John Vidal of the Guardian  spring flowers are delayed by up to a month.

Global warming's unscientific method

The Washington Times has an editorial on Ross Mckitrick's attempts to get his paper on UHI measurements published.
Recent attempts to silence Mr. McKitrick illuminate the extent to which the alarmists have abandoned proper scientific method in their pursuit of political goals.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

What's the Next 'Global Warming'? Eschatologists Will Find One!

 Bret Stephens of the WSJ asks what fresh apocalypse will replace Global Warming as it fades away!
So global warming is dead, nailed into its coffin one devastating disclosure, defection and re-evaluation at a time. Which means that pretty soon we're going to need another apocalyptic scare to take its place.
Bret suggests  that Global Warming panic is eschatology or a psychological belief that the End is around the corner - I think that eschatologists are  basically around the bend!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Huffington Post Goes Rogue!

THe Huffington Post , that bastion of left-wing ideology has published a good well thought -out article by a climate skeptic , Charles Warner, titled "The Media Curmudgeon is Taken to Task ".

Rudd's Insulation Disaster Continues

With the Government promising to remove foil insulation from 50,000 homes (or alternatively install Safety switches) and with 150,00 homes to have insulation checked Rudd did not need the latest revelation from the Australian.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Eight False Beliefs Of Climatism

Author Steve Gozeham ,in his book Climatism describes the political doctrine of Climatism as a set of eight false beliefs:
1-Greenhouse gases emitted from man's industrial activities are causing global warming.
2-The climate of Earth was optimum prior to the growth & industrialism of human population.
3-Human activities are destroying the earth's climate.
4-Climate is the top priority...more important than human lives, freedom, western industrial civilization and prosperity in the developing nations.
5-We can save the planet if we all work together.
6-Carbon dioxide is a pollutant.
7-Fossil fuels are dirty and should not be used.
8-Wind and solar power are free and should become our energy sources.
Sort of sums it up. If you want to read the book  details below and it is available from Amazon!
Climatism! is a complete common sense look at the science, politics, and energy-policy aspects of global warming. With more than 400 pages and 135 figures, Steve Goreham demonstrates that climate change is due to natural causes, not man-made greenhouse gas emissions. Therefore, a misguided mankind is engaged in a futile effort to control Earth's temperature, imposing draconian policies that will limit our freedoms and radically transform our way of life. A readable and down-to-earth book, yet packed with the latest scientific and economic data, Climatism! is a must read for anyone wishing to know the real story about climate change.

Northern sea ice growth a fluke? The AGW canary is very much alive!

The official line from the Global Warming establishment is that the ice growth is a" fluke" says Mark Serreze.
However the arctic ice , touted as the Global Warming  canary, has been re-growing strongly for the last couple of years.

Koch Responds To Greenpeace Attack With Reason And Logic

Koch Industries defends their actions after the Greenpeace attack with a letter to the New York Times  reproduced here. When companies producing oil and coal, the backbone of our civilisation can be the victim of well funded attacks simply for being in the business of providing the necessities of modern life then the environmental movement is in a sorry state .

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Australia backs Carbon Markets - Rudd Finds Another Way to Waste Your Money!

Bob McMullan is representing Australia in London at a meeting called by Gordon Brown to strip 100 billion dollars from taxpayers around the world to finance " greenhouse gas reductions" in under-developed countries. Bob, of course, is there to give away Ozzie taxpayer's money if there is any left after the Rudd Government's huge wasteful spendathon on insulation and over-priced covered patios.

Advocacy Group Greenpeace Attacks Funding Of Other Advocacy Groups

Greenpeace is attacking Koch industries because they disagree with the AGW religion and have been funding Right wing groups such as Cato and CEI.
David Koch's chief partner in crime is his brother and fellow secretive billionaire Charles. But these two are not acting alone. They are the dons of a massive climate crime family. From 2005 to 2008, the Kochs handed out almost $25 million to groups actively opposing clean energy legislation, carbon emissions regulations, and other environmental policies — groups like the Cato Institute, the Heritage Foundation, and Americans for Prosperity, among many, many others.

World's largest ice sheet melting faster than expected - At Minus 20 Degrees C???

Antarctic ice sheet is melting faster than expected according to a NASA report- I think they have "faster than expected" and "worse than we thought" rubber stamps for these reports.