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Friday, April 23, 2010

Bovine Excreta about Whale Poop!

Australian scientists say that whale poop which is iron rich could help to absorb CO2 in the oceans.
Whale droppings have emerged as a natural ocean fertilizer which could help combat global warming by allowing the Southern Ocean to absorb more carbon dioxide, Australian scientists have found.

New research from the Australian Antarctic Division suggests whales naturally fertilize surface waters with iron-rich whale excrement, allowing the whole eco-system to send more carbon down into deep waters.
"The plants love it and it actually becomes a way of taking carbon out of the atmosphere," Antarctic scientist Steve Nicol told Reuters, adding the droppings appear as a plume of solids and liquids.Casual swimmers should avoid these plumes of solids and liquids- I know I will!

Nicol said the idea to research whale droppings came from a casual pub chat among Antarctic scientists in Australia's island state of Tasmania.
He does not say how long he was in the pub when the idea came to him!
He said it was not yet known how much poo it would take have a significant impact on the Southern Ocean.

My thought is that if he does not know the impact whale excreta will have ( my guess is statistically zero given a finite number of whales) then this article is bovine excreta calculated to get a headline and should never have been published!


  1. We should gather Labor party poo for extraction to the Antarctic. It may only have a small part to play in such a large demographic but what we do know is that it just happens to be the most supercharged excrement in living history. From end to end it is simply full of anti CO2 fertiliser - the whole of the Australian population can attest to it!

    Central Queensland

  2. Good idea Tommo - there is just such an incredible amount of it - nice to find a use!