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Friday, April 9, 2010

Car Indulgences for Sale in Queensland - SUV Sinners Saved!

I have just received an  email from the Queensland Climate Smart crew saying that for a meagre $60.00 my vehicle emission sins would be forgiven and I could sleep with a clear conscience. As the email was a no-reply I could not email back that I was quite happy with my emissions and did see any need to "clean" CO2 from the air. They neither sow nor do they reap but the Government is full of redundant highly paid people to send out garbage like this on the long-suffering tax-payers dime.

Dear Neil,

Apply your climate ‘smarts’ to your car and save!
Are you feeling uncomfortable with the impact of your vehicle emissions but don’t know where you can find an affordable offset program? Well, we’ve got good news for you!
As part of its new Reverse the Effect program, the Queensland Government is offering a 50 per cent subsidy for Queenslanders who choose to help reverse the negative effect of their vehicle’s exhaust emissions on our environment.
To claim the subsidy, all you need to do is make a tax deductible donation to the Queensland Trust for Nature based on the estimated calculation of your vehicle’s annual greenhouse gas emissions. To give you an idea on the donation amount, for less than $60 you could Reverse the Effect of a medium sized car for a whole year.
All money raised will be used to plant trees and create native forests that capture carbon from the atmosphere and reduce the impact of greenhouse gases in Queensland. So, you’ll be helping ‘clean the air’ of greenhouse gas emissions, minimise the impact of climate change and expand Queensland’s protected green spaces. This means we can all breathe a little easier as we give the Smart State a cleaner, greener, brighter future.
To make a donation and for handy tips on reducing your vehicle’s emissions, log on to the My ClimateSmart Home section of our website – simply click on this link, enter your login details (we’ve included them below
to help you out) and go to your My Actions page for all your Reverse the Effect program information.
Looking after your money and our environment
The ClimateSmart Home Service Team


  1. I think this is just about right. A lot of SUV nowadays are environment friendly. Check out Toyota and their fleet.

  2. I agree with the comment. Car companies are now producing different models of cars that are indeed environmental friendly. These cars are economical as well.

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