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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Chocolate to Go in The New Village Economy

Waste not,want less is the  title of an SMH article explaining how bad chocolate is because of it's secret ingredient of ,yes,  wait for it , carbon dioxide.

ON A hot day, you can smell the Cadbury chocolate factory even before you step inside. Lying on the banks of the Derwent River, just north of Hobart, the factory is a popular destination for sweet-toothed tourists, who come to find out more about the process of combining three ingredients - cocoa, sugar and milk - to make Freddo Frogs and family blocks of chocolate.

But there's one thing that the tour guides don't discuss: the secret in every bite of chocolate. You can't taste it or see it, and it's not listed on the wrapper with the ingredients. It's carbon dioxide.
When we burn fossil fuels for energy, the carbon stored inside the coal, gas or oil binds with oxygen to become carbon dioxide. It's a natural part of the air we breathe. But it's also one of the major greenhouse gases altering our climate because we're now putting more of it into the atmosphere faster than we have ever before. Until relatively recently, nobody had taken much interest in how much of it is released in the production of everyday products such as chocolate.
I am still not taking much interest!
The electricity used at Cadbury's Claremont factory generates comparatively few greenhouse gas emissions by Australian standards. That's because most of Tasmania's electricity comes from hydro-electricity, produced by running water rather than by burning coal or gas.
Hydro-electricity is good but of course dams are bad! I can see a Green logic problem here.
Where Cadbury's chocolate does rack up a higher carbon count is from the oil burnt for its ''food miles'', from transporting the ingredients to its factories through to getting the final products to the supermarket. While the Claremont factory's milk is locally produced in Burnie, the sugar comes from plantations around Mackay in Queensland. The cocoa comes from even further afield: grown in Ghana in western Africa, roasted and processed in Singapore, before finally being shipped to Tasmania.
Global trade bringing economies of scale to our society is too difficult a concept for these latter day Luddites
to grasp , ensconced in their ivory tower which is richly paid for by the society they are trying to bring down. They do not sow nor do they reap but they all live well by means of the Global Warming scam and the public trough. Under their scheme Cadbury's of course will have to shut down because the local market will not support them - the sugar growers will be out of business ,transport workers will be out of work and the cocoa growers in Ghana will just starve - all this to placate the Green god and the false science exposed by Climategate. Tasmania does actually have hydro power which  is approved by the writers only because the dams and infrastructure were built before the eco-nuts prevented any new dams across this country being built.
Of course the writers are impressed by the Chinese Government closing down old power stations and building shiny new efficient ones funded by eco-idiots in Europe . The Chinese are too smart to look a gift horse in the month -they don't care that the cheque has Global Warming written on it ,just the number of zeroes!They are laughing all the way to the bank.
 Nowhere is China's dominance in our daily lives more obvious than in our wardrobes. A generation ago, many of the clothes at department stores such as Target were made in Australia. Now, more than 80 per cent of the clothing for sale across Australia is imported from China.

China's government is taking more action to cut emissions and improve air quality than it sometimes gets credit for, including closing down a number of dirty, old power stations in favour of more modern ones.

The great thing about the unravelling of the great global warming scare is that we won't have to put up with these pompous advice-givers much longer! The believers are down to 35% in the UK and USA and Australia won't be far behind.

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