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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Department of Hot Air costing $90 million - Do Nothing Jobs For $300k/Yr

TAXPAYERS will pay$90 million a year on the upkeep of a department on hold until 2013 or possibly forever if sanity prevails.
TAXPAYERS will fork out $90 million a year to keep more than 400 public servants employed within the federal Climate Change Department - despite most now having nothing to do until 2013.
More than 60 of them are classified as senior executive staff on salaries between $168,000 and $298,000 a year. Their salary bill alone will cost an estimated $12 million every year.
This is only the tip of the iceberg - what is going to happen when the whole Global Warming scam collapses and all those with their snouts in the Global Warming money trough will have to get real jobs- that is ,if anyone wants them!

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  1. Little doubt in my mind that Socialist governments will push another ETS in a few years - that is if we are stupid enough to keep giving them the power