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Monday, April 26, 2010

Hypocritical - BBC Bosses Take 68,000 Internal Flights.

The Mail Online reports that after incessantly lecturing the proletariat on the evils of  the high carbon footprint of air travel BBC hierarchy took 68000 internal flights in the last 2 years-100 flights a day on the tax dollar!
Its viewers are frequently subjected to warnings about climate change. Yet the BBC has spent nearly £5million on tens of thousands of short-haul flights across Britain for its executives, staff and guests.

At a time when programmes regularly highlight the environmental impact of air travel, licence-fee payers have funded more than 68,000 internal trips over the past two years – an average of nearly 100 flights a day.
The BBC’s daily carbon footprint generated by the UK air trips is the equivalent of that produced by the average person in a year, say environmental experts.

Among the users of domestic flights was the BBC’s Deputy Director-General Mark Byford, who flew from Southampton to Edinburgh to watch an England-Scotland rugby match.
Mr Byford, who earns £471,000 a year, also took a flight from London to Manchester to attend the Open golf championship. The same journey would have taken three hours by train.
The BBC joins a long line of media hyprocrites telling us how to live a life of carbon austerity while like Orwell's pigs they do the exact opposite!
The BBC executives took their flights even though they have the use of chauffeur-driven cars – funded by the licence fee.

Mr Thompson has a VW Phaeton 3.0TDi V6 which has cost the licence payer £143,000 during the past two years. Mr Byford has a Lexus GS which has cost £133,000 during the same period.
It has previously been revealed that Mr Byford gets his car to pick him up from Waterloo Station every day after he commutes from Winchester
These are the same snouters who are advocating campaigns to reduce carbon emissions .

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