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Friday, April 23, 2010

Most UK farmers say They are not feeling Climate Change

Reuter reports that the majority of farmers say they are not feeling the effects of climate change which is not surprising given the horror winter just past.

British public belief in climate change in general has sagged in the aftermath of disclosure of errors made by a U.N. climate panel report.

Some 62 percent of a poll of 414 farmers said they were unaffected by climate change, up from nearly 50 percent who said last year that they had not felt its effects.
"For farming there's been a very tough winter, a lot of snow, that may be part of it, and generally people seem bit more cynical and apathetic," said Madeleine Lewis, strategic adviser to the UK advisory group Forum for the Future.\

Climate change could lead to more droughts and floods,higher temperaturesa and rising seas,experts say, which has very little  to do with the article but it was a convenient place to slip the mantra in as the" farmers deserting the cause "story by itself would not do.

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