"It doesn't matter how beautiful your theory is, it doesn't matter how smart you are. If it doesn't agree with experiment, it's wrong." Richard P. Feynman

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Oprah , One of the World's Greatest Consumers Voted Greenest Celebrity

The sycopantic attitude of the Greens to the super-consuming movie elite who tell us ordinary mortals how to live our lives is really nauseating.
A Greendaily Poll has Oprah, along with Leonardo di Capprio as the world's most eco-friendly stars.
OPrah has the carbon footprint and consumption of a small city as the details of her 50th birthday bash from Tracy Mclellan reveal.

Another instance of the gruel that passes for culture in the United States was Oprah's fiftieth birthday celebration, an orgy of conspicuous consumption, unbridled greed, and insatiable hunger.
The amenities and party favors were worthy of Dennis Kozlowski. Ten thousand flowers were flown in, from all over the world. A four hundred-pound cake was flown in from California. Invitations were made of handmade imported silk, with individually inscribed calligraphy, and stuffed with "historic" photos of Oprah. With not a trace of narcissism, when Oprah received hers, she ordered one hundred more for family and fiends.

Wolfgang Puck too arrived by airplane to cater a dinner from a kitchen built especially for the occasion in the building that houses Oprah's studio. Thirty more chefs were also employed. More guests and trinkets also arrived by airplane, including lobsters straight from the ocean the day before.
I didn't know there were other kinds, but a master party planner saw to every last detail, scurrying around like a construction foreman, and when she was around, attending to Oprah like a drone to a queen bee. He oversaw party preparations, left fist tucked against the back of his left hip, right hand in the air, with pinkie protruding as if a fish caught on a hook. Among other fabulous perks was a rare, satin table skirt, festooned with a cover made of silk, hand-adorned with 100,000 beads, imported from India. Dinner menus were hand inscribed with calligraphy.
A construction crew of 400 "bettered" an already opulent Santa Barbara estate for the party, themed "gold, gold, gold." Chandeliers were imported from Europe. More flowers were imported from Holland, Ecuador, and Hawaii. The walls were decorated with TVs made to appear as rare paintings. Upon seeing the dinner table, Oprah exclaimed, "it looks like it was set for Louis XIV himself." In a toast to her Santa Barbara hosts over her birthday cake, Oprah lauded them as deep, wise, and strong, apparently three synonyms for fantastically wealthy.
The coup d'gras was a club assembled, please God tell me this isn't true, over a huge swimming pool. Apparently so big they didn't want to drain it, scuba divers were deployed to cobble and weld together a foundation of girders, posts, and poles for a dance floor, finished with laminate flooring. My guess is that the floor was in the garbage within a week.
Perhaps you could ignore this gluttony in a more perfect world. But half the world's population, three billion people, exists on two dollars a day. Twenty-five thousand children die daily of hunger and related easily preventable causes. There's plenty of food to feed earth's six billion inhabitants, it is rather a problem of distribution, and an unequal distribution of the world's wealth and resources.
The eco-friendly life is so hard but Oprah is up to the task!


  1. Sad really, but also sickening. Irrespective of their background, many celebrities like Oprah quickly lose touch with reality once they achieve wealth and fame to the point where they no longer exist in the real world anymore.

    Lesser mortals hang on their every word, fawn upon them and kowtow to them as though they are Gods. At a glance, or the flick of a finger, the people surrounding them will rush to do their bidding.

    As Oprah has done, they eventually reach the stage where they really do believe the rules are there to apply to everyone but them. They genuinely believe they are above all of that and that they really do know best.

    Of course, it inevitably all comes crashing down around them when they are faced with a huge dose of reality like their impending mortality, sickness, or financial ruin any of which can strike without warning at any time.

    As for mundane things like carbon footprints, they Oprah's of this world see themselves as Preachers of the Green Gospel and just like their fellow religious counterparts, fail to see the hypocrisy painfully evident in their own actions. They are far too busy doing good to pay attention to such minor irritations.

    Gold Coast Queensland

  2. I have never watched an Oprah show.

    It simply had no appeal to me.

    Absolutely none whatsoever.

    Now I know why.

    Central Queensland

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