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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Plants flower five days earlier for every degree of global warming

Louise Gray never gives up and this article about plants flowering five days earlier for every degree warmer
is such shattering news that the UN should be recalled immediately and a meeting of the heads of Government called to emergency session . Of course, when this year and probably next they are weeks later we won't worry about it. Louise missed in her exhaustive research that bluebells are three weeks late this year and according to John Vidal of the Guardian  spring flowers are delayed by up to a month.
 Interestingly Matthew Oakes notes that UHI ( non-existent to AGW scientists) keeps London warmer.
But this year, says Matthew Oakes, conservation adviser to the National Trust, harks back to older times when British life, to all natural intents, began near the end of March. "The trend is to earlier seasons, but this is a slow, late, old fashioned spring," he said.

Oakes, who keeps meticulous records of nature's first sightings, says wildlife in London is well ahead of the rest of the country because of the "heat island" effect of 12 million people driving cars and heating their homes. "Outside London, everything appears incredibly late this year. It's the first year since 1996 that there have been no bumblebees in January. In the woods very little has been happening. The bluebells and wild garlic are putting up their first spikes and the primroses are just starting. There a little bit of green from honeysuckle and rose but the woods are really leafless.
This is pretty startling stuff for a Conservation adviser to the National Trust - honesty!


  1. That's how it goes - naturally. There will be ups and downs, without the 'help' of humans, I think. Plant and Garden Blog

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