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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Rudd the Dudd's Billion Dollar Disaster

A scathing report by Alan Hawke into the Rudd Government home insulation fiasco has led to the   scrapping of the scheme.
It found a ``simply alarming'' possible extent of potential fraud and that ``clearly there would seem to have been some unsafe work practices by employers operating under the HIP''.

The $2.45 billion scheme was suspended two months ago after being riddled with compliance concerns, fraud and linked to the deaths of four young workers.

Rudd and Peter Garrett are currently nowhere to be seen and Greg Combet has been left to carry the can!
Greg Combet, the minister in charge of cleaning up the scheme, confirmed today the rebate scheme that was due to resume on June 1 would now not proceed because of safety concerns.
The Government has spent 1.5 billion of 2.5 billion so far but will now spend most of the remainder inspecting and repairing the 300,000 homes with insulation installed.
Having finished with insulation Mr Rudd has now transferred his unique management skills to re-organising Australia's health system - God help us all!


  1. Hey Aussie readers, we really did not need Alan Hawke to make a scathing report on the Insulation Disaster did we? Insulation historically attracted a lot of 'cowboys' but with the advent of Consumer Affairs Commissions tidied up somewhat. But publicly put BILLIONS$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
    on the table and out galloped the cowboys again - faster than a Melbourne Cup.
    Just who was set up to MONITOR the practices of these COWBOYS. And of course, understandably, who did the Cowboys employ? Yep, you guessed it - more COWBOYS. And who monitored these Cowboy installers?
    Anybody in the construction industry who has employed Sub-Contractors would tell you that it is not easy maintaining a high standard. It requires supervision either during or after a job is completed - sometime both.
    But don't think that Garratt and Dudd were not warned because they were. Even in front of the rest of the Cabinet - go back and read the history.
    This and the BER mark this Labor Government down to a ZERO. Worst ever performance and pretending that they 'managed' to avoid a recession is complete rot.

    Central Queensland

  2. The whole BER scheme similar to Roof insulation project was conceived & delivered in haste without proper planning whatsoever.Elementary my Dear Watson.
    Billions wasted to enhance Rudd image for forthcoming election.
    Now many more millions needed to right the wrong.

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