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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Rudd Finesses Copenhagen Pledge - Windmills and Tree Planting instead of Food!

 Rudd is looking to play sleight of hand with aid money to meet Climate Change commitments!
THE Rudd government is expected to avoid spending $600 million in next month's budget to meet its Copenhagen climate commitments by instead rebranding aid dollars it has already pledged to help developing countries tackle global warming.

The Australian Financial Review reports the expected move is opposed by aid and environmental groups, which fear any perception of double-dipping could accentuate mistrust between rich and poor nations.
There are also concerns it could set a precedent for how the government funds future – and much larger – international climate programs, particularly if it means taking money away from poverty reduction

The accord does not specify how each country's contribution should be assessed, but groups such as the Climate Institute and World Vision estimate that, given the relative size of Australia's economy, Canberra's contribution should be about $600 million over the three years.
The poor people may go hungry but they will get a nice warm glow from seeing the ideologically correct windmill in their front yard!

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