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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Rudd's ETS - A Damaging and Inglorious End

Dennis Shanahan of the Australian says Rudd's colleagues are holding him responsible for  continuing policy failures!
KEVIN Rudd's colleagues are holding him, not Tony Abbott, responsible for the government's failure on climate change and the damaging depiction of him as a gutless and cowardly leader devoid of conviction.

The Prime Minister's senior colleagues have him under scrutiny as Labor lurches from broken promises to botched programs and policy reversals. The latest tactical change to drop the emissions trading scheme as the answer to climate change is threatening to break out into a wider strategic blunder, undermining Rudd's credibility and Labor's ability to capitalise on its strengths.The real reason for abandoning the CPRS is the failure over three years, not three weeks or three months, of the Rudd government to convince people it is the answer to climate change, despite overwhelming goodwill and a real prospect of passing the scheme through the Senate.

Unlike John Howard's advocacy of a GST - passed against implacable Labor and Greens opposition - Rudd's CPRS had the support of the then Liberal leader, Malcolm Turnbull.
Despite these advantages, the government was unable to pass its policy initiative - a policy that has turned sour and toxic.
The man who ran the argument, Rudd, not the man who opposed it, Abbott, is being blamed for what could be the end of an ETS in Australia.
An end that is ugly, inglorious and damaging for the Labor Party.
Kevin Rudd is looking more and more like a one-term Prime Minister which is rare in Australia but he has used up all the goodwill a first term government gets!

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  1. Rudd would only have one response to this summary of his own totally inadequate performance - a tirade of unprintable swear words - you know the ones that no decent citizen utters aloud!

    Central Queensland