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Monday, April 5, 2010

Rudd's Insulation Disaster Continues

With the Government promising to remove foil insulation from 50,000 homes (or alternatively install Safety switches) and with 150,00 homes to have insulation checked Rudd did not need the latest revelation from the Australian.

Unscrupulous insulation installers duped up to 400,000 households into falsely believing they needed new insulation in an attempt to profit from the $2.5 billion insulation program.

The figure, revealed in a survey by the Australia Institute, suggests taxpayers could have paid for insulation in many homes unnecessarily.
The survey of 1158 people who live in houses showed 16.1 per cent had been told by insulation businesses that ceiling batts needed to be replaced regularly, which is false

 You wouldn't want this lot to run a chook raffle - they are that incompetent.The Minister involved Peter Garret has been punished by having most of his workload removed while still maintaining all the perks of Ministerial leather.


  1. This is so disgraceful it needs to make front page press headlines - everyday including election day.
    I have an inclination that Minister Garrett tried to tell the cabinet many times over that the insulation project would not and was not working. But you guessed it and I know it - DUDD overruled him every time. That can be the only reason that Dudd demoted him rather than giving him the sack.
    Dudd is a abject failure as a leader.

    Tommo Central Qld

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