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Friday, April 16, 2010

Sceptics Interviewed By Terrorist Squad !

The Guardian reports that:The use of a specialist extremist intelligence unit in investigating the hacked UEA emails is part of a disturbing trend in policing'.News broken in the Financial Times that the National Domestic Extremism Team has been called in to help investigate the alleged theft of emails behind the recent "climategate" scandal is disturbing. The police unit was set up to counter domestic terrorism and extremist organisations, not investigate what may or may not have been a theft at the University of East Anglia.

It gets worse!
Just as disturbing is the line of questioning by the police of those who made freedom of information requests before the alleged hacking of computers last year. In a letter to the Financial Times, Sebastian Nokes, a climate change sceptic and businessman, said he was interviewed by an officer who "wanted to know what computer I used, my internet service provider, and also to which political parties I have belonged, what I feel about climate change and what my qualifications in climate science are. He questioned me at length about my political and scientific opinions
We should never forget that under this government the police have used forward intelligence teams to photograph people emerging from a climate change meeting in a cafe in Brighton; have used the ANPR system to track the movement of vehicles belonging to people travelling to demonstrations; have prevented press photographers from carrying out their lawful right to cover news events; and have combed the computers and searched the premises of an MP legitimately engaged in the business of opposition and holding the government to account.

What this adds up to is a failure of understanding in the police force that one of its primary duties is to protect the various and sometimes inconvenient manifestations of a democracy, not to suppress them. That is why they have to be ultra-careful deploying specialist terrorist intelligence units and treating people's opinions as a evidence

It is not often that I agree with the Guardian as I do with this.  The worst part of this is there is no investigation into the FOI crimes committed by CRU! This kind of  politicisation of police and selective investigation must not be allowed.


  1. Policing of this kind is a disgrace. They permit placard waving extremists to wander the streets with impunity while promoting outright terrorism and choose to ignore public gatherings that can only be considered treasonous in nature because they promote another form of government and law, yet they can find the resources to investigate 'Clmategate' which at worst is guilty of throwing much needed light on a very seamy and dubious affair.
    It stinks!!
    Gold Coast, Australia

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