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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Tony Abbott Shows his True Skeptic Colours in Address to Children !

To the outrage of Penny Wong Tony Abbott gave an impromptu climate lesson to students.
The Opposition Leader, wrapping up a two-day visit to South Australia yesterday, told Year 5 and 6 students that climate change had always happened and, historically, humans had not been responsible.

Penny Wong whose Climate Change credentials include the cowardly dumping of the politically unsaleable ETS was quick to criticise Tony Abbott for having the courage to voice his opinions on climate history.
Climate Change Minister Penny Wong said it was "irresponsible and disappointing" for the Liberal leader to encourage climate-change scepticism in the classroom.
To an outsider what Tony Abbott says seems eminently reasonable but certainly would disagree with the propaganda being force-fed our children these days.
Mr Abbott asked the students if they knew about the Ice Age and if it "was caused by human beings".

"OK, so the climate has changed over the eons and we know from history, at the time of Julius Caesar and Jesus of Nazareth the climate was considerably warmer than it is now," Mr Abbott said.
"And then during what they called the Dark Ages it was colder. Then there was the medieval warm period. Climate change happens all the time and it is not man that drives those climate changes back in history.
"It is an open question how much the climate changes today and what role man plays."
Tony Abbott has something Kevin Rudd lacks and it is called a spine and he is one of the few political leaders in the world willing to bet his career in opposing the Global Warming campaign.


  1. Hey Abbottttt!

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  2. Being a measured and reasonable statement, Tony Abbott's response to charges of unprecedented man made global warming is a more than appropriate one for your site Baron, given you are promoting the notion of 'Climate Common Sense'. A simple and perfectly rational statement like his certainly has its place in this debate, especially when speaking to young impressionable Schoolchildren. The kind of unsubstantiated claims put forward by the other side, which are so clearly based on flawed data and even more flawed computer models, have only one goal...to generate widespread fear and concern, the last thing these impressionable young minds should be subjected to, so Tony has every right and indeed as one of our nations key leaders, the responsibility, to put things in perspective as he has done.