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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Carbonised Cultural Crisis Canned!

The ABC's Drum  has an article on the Climate Change Cultural Crisis which seeks to analyse why the public is so skeptical of Global Warming hype.As usual faulty data and bad science are not seen as a valid reason.
A much better way is to look inside our heads.

Modern anthropological research can provide useful and important perspectives on climate change as a cultural crisis in the contemporary world, and contribute to a cultural theory of action and activism.

I have been working for over seven years with other members of a social research team on studies of coal communities and climate change in the Hunter Valley, an intensely carbonised region with high climate change vulnerability
" An intensely carbonised region" sounds like a nuclear landscape after Armageddon - I think what is meant is that coal is mined thereabouts.You see the skeptical problem can be explained simply as:
The denial of death and the perpetuation of self and social group is the defining element of cultural world views, in religious or secular forms, including the powerful meaning system provided by consumer capitalism in contemporary society.

Negative messages about the future, such as those expressed in discourses of climate crisis, are a challenge to our cultural projects of immortality. These negative messages, connected with death and decline, engender conscious and unconscious defence mechanisms that send us back to the life-affirming messages of consumer capitalism, so well articulated recently in Australia by the new Federal opposition leader, Tony Abbot - like many leaders, a powerful transference object for those who are afraid or disempowered by the prospect of global warming.
I thought it was just that the Global Warming science and data sucked but it must be my negative messages of death and decline causing me to misunderstand Urban Heat Island errors and the life -affirming messages of consumer capitalism causing me to think the Medieval Warm Period actually existed. I am obviously one sick puppydog and probably beyond help because I also see Tony Abbott as a powerful tranference object for my vote.
The absolute worst thing about this load of codswollop is that our taxes have paid for it - nothing more than   blatant politically motivated academic drivel !
 A comment on the article by Amazed is pretty much to the point.
If ever you wanted to know what was wrong with our universities...and what is wrong with our media...just how muddle-headed and dumbed-down we are as a society...then all you need to do is try to read this impenetrable goulash of political correctness...and ask yourself why it was written and why on earth it was published...and how much taxpayer funding went into both processes...please Linda, get a job planting trees or something useful.


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