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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Climate Debate Almost Infantile!

Here we go again! Professor Will Steffen has described the media debate as "almost infantile" and equated AGW science with the law of Gravity!

 A SCIENCE adviser to the federal government has described the debate in the media over the basics of climate change science as ''almost infantile'', equating it to an argument about the existence of gravity and relativity.
Speaking at a Melbourne summit on the green economy, Professor Will Steffen criticised the media for treating climate change science as a political issue in which two sides should be given a voice.
While there were uncertainties about the pace and impact of change, he said, the core of climate science - that the world was warming and the primary cause since the middle of the last century had been industrial greenhouse gas emissions - should be accepted with the same confidence as the laws of gravity and relativity.
Wow! Steffen and his crew are comparing Global Warming hogwash with the discoveries of Newton and Einstein . One thing I am sure of is that Michael Mann is no Einstein and Phil Jones is not in the ballpark with  Newton! These men were great scientists who would be ashamed of the travesty commonly referred to today as Climate "Science". With cavalier regard to the facts , with these assertions Steffen leaps past   the hugely biased IPCC who could only come up with a "probability" of man-made global warming even with the cooked books of Mann and Jones to assist them .
''Right now, this almost infantile debate about whether 'is it real or isn't it real?', it's like saying, 'Is the Earth round or is it flat?' [Climate change] is a hugely important question and yet we are not having a rational discourse in the media in Australia on this question. That is my biggest frustration.''
What he arrogantly means is that the rational discourse should be about his view only and not consider  the ideas of the "infantile" skeptics like Professor Lindzen, Dr Roy Spencer and the rest of us flat-earthers!
Professor Steffen, the executive director of the Australian National University's Climate Change Institute, was appointed a science adviser by the Howard government in 2004. He has advised Labor's Penny Wong and the Coalition's Ian Campbell and Malcolm Turnbull.

No disclaimer was issued to the effect that the good Professor's job depended on people believing the gospel of Global Warming.


  1. Prof Will Steffen is a hardcore Believer. Frotunalty the public will decide policy and the public does not beleive anymore.

  2. I can't help but think the debate is 'almost infantile' because Skeptics have to work very hard to talk DOWN to the little retards.