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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Green Jobs Fatality Risk Was Known By Rudd's Department

The risk of death or injury in the insulation roll-out was assessed to be "extreme" by both Peter Garrett's and Kevin Rudd's staff  three times in three months before the first fatality writes the Australian.

The officials, who were in charge of the rollout of the botched $2.45 billion insulation scheme, believed that, even if steps were taken to address their safety concerns, the risks would still remain "high".

The risk assessments were made on July 31, September 17 and October 1, and concluded that unsafe or incorrectly installed ceiling batts could lead to "fire/damage, injury or death".
The assessments were prepared by the Project Control Group set up to oversee the program, which included officials from the Department of Environment, the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet and other agencies, including Medicare and the Australian Taxation Office.
The documents were released only after a request from Liberal senator Simon Birmingham during a Senate inquiry into the scheme.
Opposition environment spokesman Greg Hunt last night accused the government of deliberately covering up the documents.

"This is a smoking gun that shows the Prime Minister and those around him at the highest levels of government were aware of the risks," Mr Hunt said.
"It's clear there was no action to deal with the risk of fatalities.
"The government has deliberately kept these documents hidden. It is an unforgivable cover-up."
By the time the insulation program was suspended on February 19, four installers had died and up to 1000 roofs had been electrified.

The program has also been linked to 120 house fires and widespread allegations of rorting.
The officials also concluded that the risk of fraud, including the prospect of installers charging for jobs not carried out, was extreme. They warned that even commonwealth public servants could try to rort the scheme by registering and processing fictitious payments.
A later Project Control Group document, prepared in December, assessed the ongoing risk of fraud to be "extreme" and of poor-quality materials and installations to be "high".
These are the same turkeys who now want to re-organise Australia's power system ,take over control of health services and roll out a 43 billion dollar broadband network ( without a business plan) and have now pissed off the mining industry which largely funds them with a huge new tax. Rudd is the most incompetent PM this country has seen and we have had a few bad ones.

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