"It doesn't matter how beautiful your theory is, it doesn't matter how smart you are. If it doesn't agree with experiment, it's wrong." Richard P. Feynman

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Grolar Bears and Inter- Racial Sex

Beware the ‘grolar’ bear reports on a hybrid polar/grizzly bear specimen and of course it is caused by 'Global Warming" and is  a "very bad sign" .
"Given the pace of climate change, and the loss of polar ice, however, more and more genetic intermingling of these bruin species, and other mammals, appears likely to occur. Is this god-awful bad? Well, it probably wouldn’t happen if the polar region wasn’t warming so rapidly, so, in that sense, yes, it is very bad. It is, more succinctly, a very bad sign, and bad because these hybrids might be occurring at a time and in a way that nature would not have intended.

This interracial love story between a brown bear and a white bear could probably make a great children's story where love transcends all barriers and the two would live happily ever after. However according to the alarmist version of the story nature would not have intended this -- although I find it hard to understand how the writer can know that nature intended  in it's infinite wisdom to enforce Apartheid for bears  . Nature probably did not intend ,using this logic, that the dark  primates from Africa would come across the water and mingle with the white primates in America producing hybrids of all colors and hues. Nature may also not have approved of the Latino primates from Mexico who now form a large part of the United States laborforce crossing the border and with the locals creating hybrids. Many of them actually enjoy hybridisation a lot making it difficult to detect .Maybe the I PCC needs to form an anti-hybridization committee to prevent such intermingling against the intention of nature and to root out the unnatural behaviour in the dark places it is occurring.
The Green Police would be an ideal force for this ,combining this duty with looking for Carbon Backsliders,Plastic Baggers and other Climate criminals.


  1. There is little doubt that the Grolar is a result of de bears semen getting too hot! Ouch!

  2. The line between species is an artificial construct of human convenience. Species can be better said to grade into one another. Polar bears are white brown bears having "separated" perhaps a hundred thousand years ago. The two "species" ranges overlap on their fringes so you would expect the occasional interbreeding. There are no posted signs in the sub arctic that say no polar bear south of here- no browns north.And in the old days- fertile offspring would imply they are not different species.
    Nature is not static-- perhaps growlers can teach us how animals adapt,and how random breeding produces new variants that may of may not be found fit. Is there anything left that is not a bad sign?