"It doesn't matter how beautiful your theory is, it doesn't matter how smart you are. If it doesn't agree with experiment, it's wrong." Richard P. Feynman

Friday, May 7, 2010

Poll:Most Aussies Don't Believe in Man-made Global Warming

The Sydney Morning Herald reports on a new Galaxy poll showing only 35% of Aussies believe in man-made global warming  which is a huge blow to the warming lobby and shows how far out of step the Rudd Government is with the Australian population.

Two out of three Australians are not convinced climate change is man-made, and even those who do believe it is aren't prepared to pay much to fix it, a new poll shows.

A Galaxy Poll, commissioned by the conservative Institute of Public Affairs, found 35 per cent of respondents blamed humans for global warming.
Fully 26 per cent believed it was just part of a natural cycle, while 38 per cent remained uncertain.
Even those who are Global Warming believers are unwilling to cough up any extra dollars for their belief.
Large power bill increases resulting from climate change policies are obviously not going to go down well with Australian voters.
Thirty-five per cent said they would not be prepared to pay anything to generate cleaner energy and fight global warming.

Of those who believed climate change to be man-made, 27 per cent said they would be prepared to pay only $100 or less a year in increased tax and utility costs.
The poll shows young people are most convinced that global warming is man-made, and older people are the least worried.
Just 27 per cent of those aged over 50 believe climate change to be man-made.
Institute executive director John Roskam said this was the polling Prime Minister Kevin Rudd did not want Australians to see.
"This reveals why Kevin Rudd has run away from what he had previously described as the greatest moral challenge of our times," he said in a statement.
These polls are consistent with those in the UK and the US which show the Global Warming Scam is fast running it's course Down Under as people turn away in droves. Given the huge political and press support for alarmism this result is amazing and is a tribute to the basic common sense of voters who can sense when they are being had even if they don't fully understand the science.


  1. How did we get out of the last ice age if we didn't have all those people and factories spewing out CO2 to melt ice miles thick? Just maybe the sun and mother nature had something to do with it.

  2. I dont believe in man made global warming either... except for this... I was told by a military scientist that the reason why we have a hole in the ozone layer is because we blew the top out of it with nuclear testing.

    Think about it.

  3. As an Australian, I have come to the conclusion that Rudd is actually a very useful politician - just ask him a question, and whatever he says should be done...do the opposite, and you'll be on the right track.

  4. Help me out here, what exactly does nuking the ozone layer have to do with global warming? Some theories say that SUFFICIENT global warming COULD cause ozone depletion. But how might ozone depletion affect global warming? Perhaps long-term, and not much, by slowly reducing the global population by killing us with skin cancer?

  5. It's heartening to see that,even if it is only one country. Oz has the guts to refute these incredible Con tricksters. I'm sure there are a lot of decent honest scientists out there,(Phil Jones has come clean and admitted faking the figures,and although late, we can say he's now one of them).But many others won't come clean because of the fear of backlash.

  6. This is great news. People are waking up and seeing past the carbon tax scam. The same has happened in America.

    Rasmussen data shows a clear trend. Only 33% still believe "humans cause global warming", and 49% now understand natural cycles ("planetary trends") is the cause.

  7. In June the peer-reviewed journal "Nature" will publish a paper that admits human influence can only possibly account for 5% of "global warming."

    This is the same Nature that published Mann's discredited hockey-stick.

    I think they are trying to salvage their reputation in the wake of Climategate.