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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Roadrunner Rudd- Beep! Beep! And he is Gone!

On the Rudd Government melt-down the  Australian draws a Pulp Fiction analogy where the cleaners are brought in to clean up a messy murder scene and in this case Julia Gillard and Lindsay Tanner turn up with the mop and buckets . In my mind I see Kevin Rudd more as the roadrunner, who, when a difficult situation arises goes beep!beep! and disappears down the track.

WHEN the proverbial hits the fan these days, it’s sometimes observed that Kevin Rudd is the man who isn’t there.
Yesterday, the Prime Minister disappeared down the rabbit hole and we didn’t hear a public peep from him all day.
On such days, it’s more interesting to watch who gets out the plastic gloves and the pressure hose.
That would be Julia Gillard and Lindsay Tanner. Yesterday, in the wake of another poll nasty in the wake of last week’s Newspoll - “Rudd in free fall: voters lose faith” was one headline - the clean team was moonlighting again. It’s a job immortalised by Harvey Keitel in Quentin Tarantino’s Pulp Fiction.
“Winston Wolfe, I solve problems,” he announces as he arrives at a house to deal with a corpse.
“Now you got a corpse in a car, minus a head, in a garage? Take me to it.”
Yesterday, Gillard was out first with her mop and bucket with Fran Kelly on ABC’s Radio National.

On yesterday’s performance, they appear to have been drinking the Kool-Aid John Howard’s obedient partyroom left behind.

How else to explain why the decision to junk the emissions trading scheme, suspend the processing of asylum-seekers from Sri Lanka and a few other broken promises managed to generate barely a murmur in ALP caucus?
The Left had nothing to say about the asylum-seeker decision. It was left to Victorian right-winger Michael Danby to have a crack, also suggesting the PM was a trifle overexposed and might want to stop visiting hospitals.
And then it was beer-o-clock over at The Lodge, with the Prime Minister inviting the entire caucus around for drinks and nibbles. “It’s just the leader mingling with his adoring caucus,” one Labor MP said

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  1. I have a mental picture of Julia in Rubber Gloves and Lindsey supporting the hose. Oh yes it is an enema hose!