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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Rudd in Deep Trouble- Gutless Label Sticks!

The latest Newspoll has the Coalition in an election winning lead over Kevin Rudd as the voters survey the wreckage that is his first term in office!

KEVIN Rudd's personal standing has taken a hammering after his decision to dump his climate change policy last week, and for the first time since 2006 the Coalition has an election-winning lead.

The Prime Minister's personal satisfaction rating has dropped the most in the shortest time in the 20-year history of Newspoll surveys, and for the first time since the election Labor no longer has a clear lead over either the Coalition or the Greens on the issue of climate change.
For the first time in Mr Rudd's prime ministership, an opposition leader is seen clearly as being stronger and more decisive than Mr Rudd, and Tony Abbott is considered almost equal with the Prime Minister in his grasp of major policy issues.
After weeks of dramatic policy reversals and broken promises, culminating last week in Mr Rudd's decision to put off his Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme until at least 2013, the government's primary vote has plunged eight percentage points to just 35 per cent. The Coalition's primary support has risen three points to 43 per cent.

With an election looming Rudd will find it hard to recover as long as long as Tony Abbott does not shoot himself in the foot with his penchant for policy on the run. For sceptics this is great news as Abbott is a non-believer in the AGW scare. It will be interesting to see how Rudd reacts given how polll driven he is ,and the spectre of Julia Gillard is waiting in the wings. Tony Abbott will not want to face Gillard in the election as she is more popular and has more sense than Rudd - Labour , in desperation ,may well take this course.
Update 1.
Rudd also seems to be losing his staunchest allies in the press as the SMH comments on his ability to waffle and say very little.
Rudd’s special talent in all of this must be recognised. Despite rambling 90 per cent of the time, he does somewhat look like he’s talking sense; big words, lots of "in relation to", and "in terms of", lots of nominalisation, firstly, secondly, thirdly etc. This is not plain English but it impresses upon us his particular Ruddy image - a bureaucrat crossed with maybe (as Edna Everage described him) a dentist? Rudd’s natural ability to confuse while remaining smooth on the surface is somewhat admirable. You would never see Rudd completely mumbling look like a skit on British comedy The Thick of It that satirises the inner workings of modern British government.

No doubt slipperiness of language is often useful, political bread and butter if you will, but there’s a difference between it and absolute nonsensical gibberish.


  1. Baron said:
    With an election looming Rudd will find it hard to recover as long as Tony Abbott does not shoot himself in the foot with his penchant for policy on the run.

    Like when he recently said that we should have signed the Kyoto Protocol. He seems to have these turns where he jumps out of the lifeboat and swims back to the Titanic.

    Sean McHugh

  2. What seems patently obvious now is the reason Rudd 'dumped' the CPRS.
    He's been sitting on the Henry Report, and cherry picked the big earner from that, the 'Super' Tax on the mining companies, one of only 4 things he's selected from 138 recommendations.
    He could implement one or the other, and this tax on the mining companies would have seemed 'easier' to implement than the CPRS, so a 'delay' on that new tax was advised to him no doubt.
    It just goes to prove that the phrase 'for the good of all Australians' depends on how much money there is to be made from it.
    What it does prove, and do so most dramatically, is that the CPRS really had nothing whatsoever to do with the environment. If it was, then nothing would have stood in his way of trying to implement it no matter what.
    As I (and many others) have said all along, this (an ETS in any form) has nothing to do with the environment.
    It's just about the money.

  3. Tony, I think that Rudd is a purely political animal with no real convictions. Whatever he has done is for political reasons only and his formula which has got him to this point does not work any more because with the passage of time people see him for what he is!